This Online Dating App Is The Key To Finding Your Ideal 'Face Type'

Creating an online dating profile undoubtedly yields fervid results, and a new app called FaceDate could possibly make the experience even more tumultuous.

All in the name of true love, right?

We can't deny we've focused on appearance at one point or another throughout our Tinder journeys.

Have you ever experienced the devious satisfaction of angling your selfies just right so the camera *magically* avoids an unflattering feature?

What about that feeling hopelessness when you fancied your date a young Leonardo DiCaprio, only to discover he looked more like Sloth from "The Goonies" IRL?

We're living in a vain society, folks, so hold onto your hats for this one.

FaceDate focuses on our appearance-driven culture and matches people with the looks they most desire in an S.O. It begs the question, "Why worry about the basics —pesky things like interests, values and goals — when you can skip right to the juicy stuff and focus on appearance?"

(I mean, here I was filling out all of those annoying questions on eHarmony all those moons ago... )

Guille Faingold

The app is currently in developmental stages at the Wing Yu College of Computing at New Jersey Institute of Technology, and it aims to pair up users with whoever matches their face types.

Upload images of your wannabe celeb S.O., and FaceDate will correlate matches based on users' similarities to said celebrities.

It sounds like perfection. All of the nearby Bradley Coopers within a three-mile radius could be at your fingertips, you lucky ladies.

Naturally, there are a few kinks to sort out. Take for example what happens when the algorithms must process a variety of images featuring different races and genders. How will these factors affect results?

What will happen when a user snaps a pic of the cute barista instead of a celebrity (is that even legal)? Will personalities play into this at all?

Professor Cristian Borcea told Broadly there will be tests before FaceDate is released into the wild, so there's time to contemplate whether you're more of a James Franco or Dave Franco kinda gal.

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