Men Admit Their Excuses To Get Girls Out Of Their Bed When They're Done Hooking Up

by Candice Jalili

The other night, my friend told me a "handy trick" he uses to get girls to leave his bed when he's done hooking up with them.

As soon as they're done boinking, he'll freak out and start talking about how he's been in the process of getting back together with his ex and how he can't believe he would do something to jeopardize that.

Now, this is a lie because he has not spoken to his ex in years and has no intention of getting back together with her.

Joselito Briones

That being said, he swears it's an extremely effective method of getting hookups to leave his place and also never talk to him again (bonus!).

Obviously, this is horrible behavior, but I couldn't help but wonder how often this happens.

How many guys have go-to excuses they're using to get girls they were INSIDE OF not long ago to leave their homes? Well, I asked around and got some pretty honest answers.

Read along and make sure your dude hasn't used any of these.

Get her out of your bed AND get you in shape!

Honestly, this one could work if executed properly.

Just PAY them to leave, duh!

Tell her to leave, but in a way that's, like, not OBVIOUS.

Tell her you have stuff to do (even if you don't).

Just, like, don't get hard.

Convince her there's a fire and she needs to leave for her own safety!

Be busy with plans that don't involve hanging with her.

Bring your parents into it.

Take a note from this dude's book, and just tell them to bounce.

The last guy is right.

If you want someone to leave, you can just tell them — that goes for guys AND girls.

No need to play games and make up weird, extravagant lies.