9 People Complain About Annoying, Clingy Exes Who Just Won't Move On

We've all had that one ex who just couldn't move on from us. Maybe it was because the ex never thought he or she would fall in love again, or maybe we were just THAT special.

Either way, breakups suck. And sometimes, a guy (or girl) just can't take a hint.

I remember one of my very own breakups where my ex just wouldn't go away. He was like an annoying AF fly. I broke things off with him (obviously) and actually made him cry. Yes, cry. It was the first time I had ever seen a man cry, but it is what it is.

He later came back into my life. Believe it or not, he hit me up on Facebook even though he had a new girlfriend. She must have not been very intellectually stimulating (or, ahem, as beautiful as me) because he wanted to "hang." Ugh. I had to shoo him away and it was not fun, people. No one likes being the bad guy.

Here are nine people who can sympathize with me because they had to deal with the annoyingness of the clingy ex:

This girl, who's kind of living my life story:

This girl, whose love can't be bought:

This girl, who needs to set some boundaries for a dude who can't make up his mind:

This guy, who doesn't want to be someone's sloppy seconds:

OK, this one is just sad:

This girl, who needs to get a restraining order ASAP because stalking is not cute:

This girl, who needs to stop answering the phone (or change her number):

This girl, whose ex wants what he can't have:

And this girl, whose ex is just a DICK:

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