Everything You Want To Say To The Guy Who Wants You To Take Him Back

by Kiana Azizian
Nabi Tang

Oh. You want me back? Now, after all this time? How cute of you. And by cute, I really mean how nauseating.

So you're telling me you want me to come back to you? Let me think about that one for a second.

How about … um … no.

We all knew this day would com: you crawling back and begging me to be yours again, using your smooth words to try and get me back into your arms. Forgive me for being surprised, but it's just that you're a little sooner than we were expecting. Wow, how unlike you to actually be early for something.

Enlighten me, was she not everything you were expecting? Did she not treat you like I use to and give you everything I knew you needed? Did she not make you her everything, like I did?

Or was it you she didn't want? Did she finally come to her senses? Stop believing all your empty promises and cheeky lies? I'm sure you guaranteed her everything you promised me. Was it her who left you, causing you to run back to the person who you knew would never leave you? Well, the person you thought never would.

It's OK. We all already knew this day would come. Guessing it wasn't going to last between the two of you. We predicted you coming back to me once she was gone. Sorry that it took so long for you to realize it too.

You used to be everything I ever wanted. Back then, I would have done whatever it took to make you sure you were mine. I would have done anything to make you happy. Fought for you until the very end. It appears the girl you used to know is long gone, resting in her peaceful grave. Sorry for your loss.

Once upon a time, I'd come running back to you. But looks like that hourglass has run out of sand. I'm not your princess anymore. Those glass slippers were giving me too many blisters. And turns out, you are no Prince Charming after all. My time is not yours to waste. My life isn't yours to be a part of either. Frankly, I'm not yours for the having anymore.

Don't you find this all a bit ironic? I wanted you when you didn't seem to appreciate me. Now you want me, and I can't say I feel the same. Seems like we always desire the things we can't have in this world. We never realize the value of someone until they are out of our reach. How does it feel to want someone who doesn't return the favor? Looks like the tables have been turned. Hope you enjoy eating alone.

I would say that I wish you the best, but unlike you, I've never been one to lie. If I could, I would tell you that I hope you have found contentment in life, but I'm done caring about your happiness. I wish I were mature enough to say I want nothing but the best for you, but clearly, I'm not.

But hey, thanks for the message. It was entertaining to hear from you after all this time. You always knew how to make me laugh. Maybe next time you should appreciate the good things you have before they're gone. But one thing is for sure: "Next time" sure as hell isn't going to be with me.

Truly not yours anymore, The best thing you'll never get back Xx