How To Have An Epic Time When You're Home Alone For The Holidays

Geffen Company

You wake up in the morning, groggy and still hungover from your mid-week bender, to realize your roommates are gone.

It's the end of December, and with the holidays quickly approaching, they (including the rest of the country) have skedaddled back to their hometowns in pursuit of wholesome family fun and much-needed vacation.

You, on the other hand, have decided that this year, social interaction is off the table.

The only gift on your Christmas list was some peace and quiet, and because travel can be so damn expensive, you didn't feel like coughing up enough cash to leave the confines of your apartment.

Sounds pretty depressing, right?

Well, in fact, it should invoke the opposite feeling.

It's actually a prime opportunity to make the most of a quality staycation and do the things you actually want to do for once.

It's easy to get caught up in the rush of balancing your professional life with your personal one, and sometimes you just need time for yourself. Take this as an opportunity not to mope and whine about how lonely you are, but instead, turn a few mundane days off into the greatest possible way to close out 2016.

Here a few ways to make the most of being home alone this holiday season:

1. Scamper around your apartment completely naked — at all times.

2. Never actually leave bed before 12pm, because being lazy is everything.

3. Hit up every restaurant on Seamless within a 5 mile radius, because cooking dinner is for fools.

4. Buy the gaudiest, most expensive outfit possible for New Year's Eve.

5. Get back on that fitness grind and bench press on some other single hotties at a local fitness class.

6. Spend a day at the movies for a well deserved double feature where crying is not frowned upon.

7. Binge-watch the entirety of a TV series that needs your full attention. *cough "Westworld" cough*

8. Develop a fake persona and live that fantasy life as you bar hop through your neighborhood.

9. Dine out at a high class restaurant with a goal of taking home one of the wait staff.

10. Just get lost and wander around with no plan, no destination, and no care in the world.

It's about time you TREAT. YO. SELF. I see nothing wrong with putting the "ho" in holidays.