Guy's Hilarious 'Engagement Pics' Show How Dumb We Are While Using Facebook

by Sean Abrams

I'll be the first one to admit that I have no idea what I end up "liking" on Facebook.

On any given day, I find myself scrolling nonchalantly through my social media feeds, pressing that thumbs up repetitively like it's my job. Do I have a real idea what I've just given my stamp of approval? Usually, not so much.

I follow the same process when it comes to any type of celebration, especially engagements. While I sit here, single as fuck, I pretend to be over the moon for you. Because I really couldn't care less, expressing my gratitude with a like on that photo is my way of giving back.

But it seems one guy on Facebook caught on to this behavior and decided to throw everyone for a loop.

A Facebook user named Zach wanted to make light of how people aimlessly throw around likes on the social media platform.

Zach decided to post his own engagement photos online... except they were all with different people.


His first picture shows him and fiancee Somaly together, with her flaunting the ring in front of camera. "We finally made it official!!!" the caption reads, with an accompanying 342 likes and 70 comments.

Enthralled by the amount of he got on the first photo, Zach wanted more and threw up a second engagement photo online for all the world to see.


This time, though, it was with a completely different woman (with his former fiancée crying heavily in the background).

He captioned the second photo, which received a whopping 213 likes and 21 comments,

Wow! I couldn't believe the overwhelming support I received online for getting engaged! So many of you liked my post that I went and got engaged a second time! Thank you everyone for all your encouragement!

Zach continued making a fool of all of us, posting THREE more photos with two more women and one with a nice man named Charak.


While the likes and comment did gradually decrease with each new post, they were still existent.

Either Zach's friends truly think he's in a polyamorous relationship, or he's catching onto something, and these people are totally careless and clueless when it comes to liking photos on Facebook.

Also, has anyone else caught that he's using the same exact ring every damn time?


I guess we really are dumb. (Although, maybe we just recognize how funny this guy is.)

Either way, let this act as a lesson for anyone (including myself) who is guilty of throwing around Facebook likes so haphazardly in situations like this. Dole 'em out with a little bit more care, otherwise, you'll end up looking like a damn fool.

Maybe delete some of those random Facebook friends while you're at it — and think before you like!