We Tested Whether Using Only Emojis Gets You More Responses On Tinder

by Candice Jalili

Researchers at Tinder recently found that people who used emojis and GIFs in conversations were 30 percent more likely to get responses from matches than people who just used text.

Now, I haven't used Tinder in ages and, to be honest, I don't really like using it. Like at all. But the results fascinated me and I just HAD to put them to the test.

So I put together a fake profile using pictures of my best friend and swiped right on every guy that came my way (sorry, Annie, there are at least 100 guys in New York City who think you have a ~connection~).

Once I got to 100 matches, I divided my men in half.

I initiated conversations with 50 of them by saying "Hi." Then, I initiated conversation with the other 50 by just sending them the waving-hand emoji. I would just like to highlight here that the two are essentially just conveying the same message: "Hi."

I got my matches and sent my messages yesterday, but I didn't go back to check on the app again until this morning. I wanted to give the guys a full 24 hours to craft responses.

GUESS WHAT HAPPENED, YOU GUYS. The people at Tinder were right (shocker).

Of the 50 guys I sent "Hi" messages, eight responded. Of the 50 guys I sent waving hand emojis, 15 responded! BIG DIFFERENCE IF YOU ASK ME.

That being said, I must say quality of conversation was pretty much the same for both of them.

Check out some of my meaningful and deep conversations with the potential loves of my life here:

Austin just had to ask me this GROUNDBREAKING question.


Chris thought my (OK, well, Annie's) face was "fancy."


Eric tried to one-up me on the emoji game.


And Max came up with this very original line.


Yep, so, there you have it.

If you're trying to up the quantity of men messaging you the world's most boring and basic small talk cues, USE MORE EMOJIS WITH YOUR TINDER MATCHES.