Think Like A Dude

by Trophy Wife

Believe it or not, there are ways that women can benefit from taking a cue from their male counterparts:

More Fish in the Sea

Isn’t it funny how you see so many guys huddled together at bars comforting their bros about their failed relationship…What? You don’t? Of course you don’t – because unlike hos that choose to bitch and moan and lament on everything that she may have done wrong in the relationship, guys are of the mentality that there are plenty more fish in the sea. You know what ladies? There are fish in the sea for you too! You know what they say – the best way to get over a relationship is to get under a new one.

F*ck like a Dude

There's some 'scientific' evidence to suggest that when women give it up, they magically become emotionally attached to the guy and thus, shut down their vaginas for any other penises who attempt to enter. That’s absolute bullshit – I’m the proof. Guys see the act of sex as what it is – a (hopefully) good lay.

Girls are roped in to believe that there is some sort of artery which connects your vagina to your heart and automatically fall in love with every man they sleep with. Of course you’re bound to get your heart broken when you realize that you’re just a one night stand!

Ladies – man up and see that f*cking is just a pleasurable act between two people – you don’t even have to like each other that much – after all, is there anything hotter than a hate f*ck?

Don’t talk, just do

Girls talk. About everything. All the time. We never shut up. We talk about how we feel, how we should be working out more, how we want a raise and how fat we are. Guys don’t sit around waxing lyrical about how shit should be handed to them on a silver platter – guys go out and get shit done.

You want to lose weight? Get off your fat ass and go to the gym. You want a raise or a better job? Ask for it – bitching about things won’t lead to them automatically falling into your lap.

Take Initiative

You need to make shit happen – how? You need to take more risks. And with risks comes rejection, but don’t let that stop you – rejection means that you’re getting somewhere.

Men already know this – they play the numbers, and they’re used to rejection: it’s accepted as part of the game. If guys ask out 10 ladies, it means by the rules of mathematics (or something), one or two will say yes.

Just do it – go out alone if you have to, look hot, sit at a bar and get a drink. Start a conversation with someone, anyone. It doesn’t matter if he’s married, gay, or straight – maybe even buy him a drink. Stop thinking that you’ll marry every guy you speak to and just enjoy their company.

Maybe you’ll date him; maybe you’ll never see him again. At the very least, you’ve made a new friend for the hour and had a fun and flirty conversation. Lather, rinse and repeat – introduce yourself to guys you meet, rack up the numbers and you’ll get results. Guys appreciate a woman with a little initiative.

Stop Overthinking

If another one of my girlfriends calls me and asks “so, he said he’s busy and that he’d call me later. What do you think that means? “Um…that he’s working and will call you later? WHY do girls always think that there is some sort of hidden meaning behind everything guys say?

It's real simple ladies – guys are generally straightforward, uncomplicated creatures who say what they mean, while women drive themselves crazy trying to be a psychic, psychiatrist and a mind reader about every little thing he says.

Maybe we can all take a leaf from their book every once in a while – it’ll make life a lot easier.

The Trophy Wife | Elite.