The 5 'Dream Guys' You Need To Date Before You Can Find Your Forever Person

There is a day in every girl's life when she grows up and realizes the perfect guy is nonexistent. We hear about the perfect guy, but he's really nothing but a rumor.

We learn to make do with what we find, as sad as that sounds, and conform to someone less than our dream man because that guy just isn't real.

Years pass and we deal with guys who suck majorly, but after dating lots of sucky guys, you finally meet a different type of guy. He's not perfect, but he has this one quality that really makes you weak in the knees.

You don't have him on a pedestal because you're way past that. By knowing him, you discover what you're willing to put up with. You also realize what you're not willing to deal with and you learn that there are certain qualities that you'd absolutely love for your forever person to have.

These aren't your average prince charming types, but some of the "dream guys" that at some point we'd all like to date. Getting these guys out of your system shatters the illusion of a perfect man and brings you that much closer to finding the man that is actually perfect for you.

1. The smart guy.


Smart guy is nice. He has manners and can talk about anything. You learn from him, and you love the twinkle in his eyes when he's explaining something to you. He's read every book and reads up on every topic, no matter how weird.

He's open to listening to what you have to say because he wants to know what's going on in your mind. He asks questions because he's eternally curious and questions you because he likes a little bit of debate.

This guy dazzles you with his vocabulary and helps you grow as a person. His smarts rub off on you and you think how great it is to know that you're in a relationship with a person that's making you a little better. Smart guy can be a bit of a show-off sometimes, but he stimulates your mind, so you're willing to see past that.

2. The foreign guy.

He looks different, sounds different and makes you fall in love like no one else has. His set of rules on how to treat a woman are completely new to you, but in the best way. You learn about his culture, his language and you get to teach him about yours, too.

You start to think about how cool it would be to have dual citizenship one day and how fun it would be to raise your children in a multi-cultural household. He's your plane ticket away from boredom. A relationship with someone who comes from somewhere else means excitement is everywhere.

You may not be totally into the fact that cultural nuance can be a bit of an issue on both your part and his, but overall, you're more than willing to give it a shot with him.With every challenge comes excitement, right?

3. The artist.

He expresses himself via art and it's amazing. He sees art everywhere, he hears it everywhere, he eats, lives and breathes it.

You start to see things in a different light and suddenly, you start to notice beauty a lot more. Art guy is inspiring. You learn to appreciate art and its history and though he sometimes sees art in things you think seem a little quotidian and normal, you find yourself accepting that quirkiness he has about him. You're more refined with him.

4. The health nut/body builder.

He exercises, eats right and looks amazing. If you haven't done either of those things in awhile, he entices you to start taking it seriously. Not because he forces you, but because you see how happy and healthy he looks, which makes you want to join him.

There may be times when you feel a little frustrated because you're not at fitness level, but this healthy guy brings healing to the many years of abuse you've put your body through.

5. The adventurous guy.

He makes you shake in your boots. His idea of fun is mostly horrific, but you become brave by letting this amazing lunatic into your life.

You find yourself trying out new things, losing fear and absolutely loving the adrenaline rush that comes with this guy.

There will be moments where you'd like to just sit by his side and watch TV all day, but you'll also value his spontaneity because everything will become an adventure when you're with him.

Getting these guys out of your system will help you realize that the perfect guy doesn't exist, but one day you will find the guy that is perfect for you.