Don't Fight That Feeling: 5 Signs You're Crushing Hard

by Joshua Eferighe

No matter who you are or where you’re from, at one point in time, you've had a crush on someone. The way those emotions creep up and grab a hold of you without any heads up is almost unfair.

And, even worse, fighting them is nearly impossible. The arrows of cupid and love’s biological warfare are not forces with which to be reckoned.

When those emotions hit, the only option is to let them run their courses and pray to Aphrodite that your admirer reciprocates your feelings.

Lucky for us, the love bug has symptoms. There are patterns we develop when we think of someone romantically — five of them, to be exact:

You Get Jealous

When you find yourself feeling entitled to someone’s time, to knowing whom he or she is spending time with and whom he or she is allowed to like, you just may be smitten — especially when this person isn't your significant other.

Becoming angry with the people you consider friends, coworkers or neighbors about things they aren't obligated to give is one of the earliest and clearest signs that you see them as more than friends.

It’s not their fault, but, quite honestly, it isn't yours either. Blame it on love’s toxic fumes and go with it.

You Get Eager

Another sign that you may have a crush on someone is reflected in how you wait for his or her text messages. If it was just anyone, you wouldn't care how fast he or she responded, or even if he or she responded at all.

But, when it’s a crush, you’ll not only have an urgency to chat, but you’ll also find yourself being almost obsessive while you wait.

When you find yourself pacing the floor and pulling your hair because you’re waiting for a response to a text message you sent 60 seconds ago, you just may like this person as more than a friend.

The hardest part of having a crush on someone is accepting the very scary reality that you may feel something for someone who may not have felt it back.

Before you realize it, you’re stuck in the midst of a battle between your head and your heart, both fighting to get the other on the same page.

And, that battle is often shown when we're in the middle of texting whomever the crush may be.

You Overthink

The moment you start to second-guess your every move around someone is the moment that cupid may have paid you a visit.

Like all signs that point to having a crush, overthinking what should be normal interactions with someone is something that you won’t consciously find yourself doing.

Overthinking how we are around someone often starts in our closets. When you find yourself spending a significant amount of time getting ready to see someone, it usually means that you care more than you think you do.

Girls and guys care about their appearances and make sure that they look their best for people they like.

The same goes for sending text messages; when you are mulling over a text message, writing, deleting and then writing it over again, chances are, you may be feeling something for someone in particular.

You Want Their Attention

We often develop feelings for the individuals with whom we spend most of our time.

That natural chemistry you develop spending day in and day out with someone goes a long way and creates a level of comfort with which you don’t want to find yourself without.

It’s a sure sign that you have a crush on someone when you find yourself longing for this attention and feeling differently without it, especially when it's someone with whom you’re not in a relationship.

When you find yourself wanting to go to the movies, work out, start new reads and get coffee with someone, it means you enjoy and want his or her attention. It also usually means you have a crush on him or her as well.

You Tell Your Best Friend About Them

The biggest indicator that you may have a crush on someone is the frequency of how much you mention the person to your best friend. We tell our best friends everything.

They know our deepest, darkest secrets and they've been there for our ups and downs, which is why they probably know we like our crush before we do.

Our best friends most likely have brought up our crushes to make fun of and tease us about them far before we are able to connect the dots ourselves.

Best friends can pick up on irregular behaviors before we can, and though we may not want to believe them, they could call out whom we will fall for.

So, next time our friends tell us who we like, though they may be partially joking, we better take heed.

When it comes to issues concerning the heart, it’s easy to act and make emotional decisions.

Things like getting irrationally jealous, demanding attention and overthinking things like getting dressed and sending text messages could all drive someone mad. But, it doesn’t mean we’re crazy; it just means that we’re crazy about someone.