5 Things To Consider Before Cuffing Season Takes Over Your Winter

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, the hunt for a seasonal, full-time "Netflix and chill" buddy begins.

For those of us who usually end up cuddling with our body pillows on Saturday night, this is our time.

Right now, those men who you couldn’t get to commit or even pay you the slightest bit of attention are in a very vulnerable position.

Something about the drop in temperatures has convinced them they need to abandon their singledom for a quick vacation on Relationship Island.

However, before you allow yourself to be wooed by a hot guy with a beard and a zip-up sweater, you should keep these things in mind:

1. Ask yourself what you’re looking for.

If you're ready to find the person who’s going to get down on one knee in front of you someday, this isn’t the time for you.

Cuffing season relationships usually fizzle out when the temperature reaches 80 degrees.

Unless you’re confident this guy wants more than a winter fling, I suggest you stay far away from this type of relationship.

2. Make sure you can deal with his bad habits.

Most guys who rush into a relationship at this time are the same guys who couldn’t get enough of the ladies during the summer.

Just because the month has changed, it doesn’t mean the man has.

If he was a flirt in July, he’ll be a flirt in November.

3. Analyze the physical aspect.

Who really wants to be cuddled up with someone when it's 100 degrees outside? No one.

That’s why cuffing season is even a thing.

Now that it’s freezing, he’s practically aching for another warm body to be close to his.

These relationships are heavily physical.

So, if you’re interested in someone who wants into your soul and not just your pants, I suggest you try again later.

4. Know there will be spring heartbreak.

This is really simple.

Do you really want to spend all spring on your couch, watching "Grey’s Anatomy" because he finally went back to his assh*le ways?

Don’t get me wrong; some of these relationships work.

But unfortunately, most do not.

5. Do you really want to introduce your family to this individual?

Along with cuffing season, it's also holiday season.

At this point, you’ve probably been asked a 1,000 times, “When are you going to get a boyfriend?”

While it might be nice for the moment to shut up these nosy family members, it probably won’t be as fun in the long run.

Come Easter, your family will be asking, “How did you let such a great guy go?”

You should definitely consider the fun aspects of cuffing season before you make a decision, though.

You don't have to go to holiday parties alone, and you can do cute fall things with a partner.

It’s almost like your three-month trial for Apple Music.

You enjoy it for a few months, and when it ends, you go back to the way things were before.

Cuffing season can be a great time, and everyone should experience it at least once in his or her life.

But in my opinion, it can quickly become more of a hassle than a carefree adventure.

Besides, if you’ve cuddled with yourself for this long, it won’t kill you to do it a little longer until the right guy comes your way.