12 Things Your Dog Can Teach You About Finding The Right Partner

by Elise Williams
Danil Nevsky

Yep, you read that correctly. Searching for your soulmate is really just like searching for the human version of your dog. Just like there are hundreds of different dog breeds out there, there are hundreds of different types of men out there who may or may not be your perfect fit.

So, congratulations on already finding your ideal canine. Now, let your dog help you find your ideal guy.

Just to make sure we're clear, I am in no way saying “men are dogs,” or they need to be trained to obey you, or they're all just a bunch of animals. They're actually wonderful human beings who deserve nothing but the same kind of love and respect you want for yourself. If you actually hold any of the above opinions, then good luck, sweetheart.

Really though, there are a lot of great qualities in your dog that you should 100 percent be looking for in a partner. I mean, if dog is mankind's best friend and your babe is supposed to also be your best friend, doesn't it just make sense that they would have similar qualities?

Here are 12 reasons why searching for your soulmate is like searching for a human version of your dog:

1. He should always be excited to see you.

When you walk in the door after a long day or just from a quick trip to the store, your dog is always so pumped to see you. They're there to greet you with a shower of kisses and excitement that almost knocks you to the floor.

You should be looking for a man who always shows how happy he is to see you; it's a simple thing he can do that makes you feel wanted.

2. He should be loyal.

Your dog knows it's your dog. Your dog loves being your dog. Your dog would never dream of betraying you.

You should be looking for man who knows he's yours and only yours once you make it official. Don't go settling for someone who is only OK with calling you his woman on certain days of the week.

3. He should be up for adventure.

First of all, anything outside of the house is an adventure to your dog, especially if it involves getting in the car. They're always ready to hop in with you and accompany you on any journey, whether it's a really long trip or a drive over to mom's house so she can spend time with her granddog.

The man you're looking for should also be ready and willing to go on any kind of adventure with you. A camping trip six hours north? Done. A 2 am run to the store for Pringles? Absolutely.

4. He should be looking for his other half.

Your dog knows how to be dog on its own, but dogs are their best with their human companions.

You and your dog learn a lot about unconditional love from one another. Just like you help your dog be a better dog, your dog helps you be a better human.

Likewise, your man should know how to be a man on his own, but he should be looking for someone he can be the best man with. You should teach one another about what it means to love, and you should be able to say he makes you a better person.

5. He should be there to cuddle up on the couch with you.

If you're on the couch after a long day, your dog is there with you. Sure, your dog might accidentally hit you in the face with its tail a few times, but it's just because it could not feel any more delighted to come love you.

Your guy should be there to cuddle you, show you affection and relax with you at the end of the day. As I've said, you can go on adventures with him, but you should also be able to chill out and just enjoy holding each other.

6. He should make you happy by just being himself.

You probably want to whip your phone out at least twice a day to take a picture or a video of something cute your dog does. That's just your pup being a pup. Your dog fills you with joy simply by existing and interacting with the world (or the tail it thinks is a monster) around it.

Similarly, your "man hunt" should end with someone who makes you happy just by being himself. His quirks, his thoughts, his silly jokes and the way he loves his favorite artists should put a smile on your face. You should be able to unconditionally love and appreciate his unique personality.

7. He should think you're great.

You've heard the saying, "be the person your dog thinks you are" because your dog really does think you're the best thing on the planet. You give your dog treats, toys to play with and amazing ear scratches.

Look for a man who thinks the world of your ideas, passions and goals. He should respect the woman you are. However, it's important to remember there are two parts to every relationship.

So just like you're willing to do a lot for your dog, you should be looking for a partner you're willing to do a lot for as well.

8. You should be willing to drop everything for him.

If your dog gets sick or hurt, you drop everything and take it to the vet. There's no questions asked and no eyes rolled at your dog for taking up your time.

You should look for a man you're willing to drop everything for when he needs you. Maybe he needs you to take him to the doctor, maybe he just needs to talk, or maybe he needs you to look over a cover letter for his dream job.

No matter what, you should be willing to put life on hold for little bit to be there for him.

9. You should be willing to share food with him.

You know how you're always your dog's best friend? Well, you're an even better best friend when you have food. Like a good best friend, you always sneak them a bite of what you're eating. Your dog should be able to enjoy some of your delicious Chipotle, too.

Food is amazing. It's one of the few things we can always count on in this world. It's borderline sacred, really. True love comes in many forms, and one of those forms is sharing your food with the one you love.

10. You should never let anything bad happen to him.

You would never put your dog in harm's way, never let it run out into traffic, never hit it and never show it anything but love. When your dog gets all tangled up in the leash, you're there to unwrap it.

You should feel the same way about your other half. You should look for someone you would never want to intentionally hurt in any way and someone whose body, mind and heart you're willing to protect in any way you can.

11. You should be willing to communicate with him.

You communicate with your dog in a lot of different ways. You're not afraid to tell your dog your secrets (Don't lie, you know you do it.), or when it has done something wrong, or how much you love it.

Your guy should be someone you can talk to about everything. You can share intimate things with him without feeling afraid to let him in, and you should be willing to remind him on a consistent basis that he's wonderful.

If he's hurt you, you should feel secure in letting him know because you know he's willing to talk it out and apologize. Just like you forgive your dog, you forgive him completely.

12. You should be willing to support him.

When your dog is scared of the stairs or scared to jump in the pool, what do you do? Do you ridicule your dog? No way. You cheer it on and hold your arms out in encouragement.

Men get scared and worried about life just like you do. While they're in the process of making a big decision or trying something new, they need to feel like you have their backs. Look for someone you're willing to support and encourage in every moment of his life.

Here's one parting thought for your search: Never trust anyone your dog hates.