Do women think pre-cum is hot?

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Cum, Including Why It's Hot


by Candice Jalili
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I have to be honest with you: I really have not invested much time into thinking about pre-cum. I'm not a man, so it's not an issue I come across regularly. According to author and Good Vibrations Staff Sexologist Dr. Carol Queen, pre-cum, also known as pre-ejaculate, “is a fairly thin, slippery, clear fluid that seeps out of a penis prior to ejaculation.” Some people make an amount you can notice, she says, and other people make less. “It signals arousal — that the person is on the way to getting turned on enough to ejaculate,” Queen says, though she also notes that while might not happen for a number of reasons, pre-cum usually does appear when someone is turned on.

But it wasn't until extremely recently (like, give or take 30 minutes ago) that I realized pre-cum was something that could even be potentially embarrassing. But then I saw this post about pre-cum on Reddit: Is my pre-cum issue as big a deal as I think it is?

As soon as I even start kissing, my pre-cum production goes haywire. Just yesterday I was kissing someone (first time in a while, go me!) and after those 2 or 3 minutes my boxers were saturated and it was running down my leg.
This is perfectly "normal" for me but it makes me so self-conscious. It's hard to give an idea of exactly how much there is. It can easily show as a wet spot on my trousers/jeans within minutes. Obviously, the longer anything continues, the more gets produced. If myself and whoever are naked then it'll just be embarrassingly dribbling on them/the bed/whatever.
I'm sure people are going to say it's fine and not to worry, but this has totally destroyed my confidence over the years (I'm 33). I haven't had many partners as it is, but this really puts me off wanting to go far enough with anyone for them to notice.
I'm particularly interested in how gross women on here would find that, or if you wouldn't see it as a big deal.

In the same way that some girls worry that their nipples are weird or that they discharge “too much,” guys can be insecure about their bodies during sex, too. They may even find themselves asking “do girls like cum?” in all of its stages; in this case, pre. Or at least this one guy does, enough to post about it on Reddit. You know, just one of those things the opposite sex will literally never care about, but we, for some reason, build up way too high in our heads. As you can tell by the post, this guy is bugging out pretty hard.

Clearly, this is a sore subject for him. So he turned to the good women of Reddit to see what they thought. And the answer to the question “do women like cum?” is a resounding yes. Pre-cum is a turn-on, in short, because it does signal arousal. “Arousal (that you want to be around) is sexy!” Queen says. “Pre-cum generally lets you know that the person is erotically engaged and whatever sexy stuff is happening is working for them.”

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And just so you know… “Pre-cum can contain live sperm (if there were any in the urethra as it passed though, anyway) — hence it could pose a pregnancy risk to some, and it is thought that it is capable of passing HIV between people,” Queen warns. “In both these cases, risk is lower than with semen — but it is not zero. Contraception, condoms, and Truvada are options for those who want to avoid pregnancy and HIV. (The first two can help prevent pregnancy, the last two can help prevent HIV.) Oh, and chlamydia, gonorrhea and hepatitis B are also potentially passed via pre-cum--only condoms help with those STIs.”

She adds, “This means that the pull-out method without a condom is not safe or efficacious enough to reliably prevent pregnancy or STIs. And if you do use a condom but start it out the wrong way (so it can't roll down the penis), toss it and get a new one. Because if the person is ready for a condom, they are likely already experiencing pre-cum, and they probably got some on the tip of the condom; if you go ahead and use it, the pre-cum will get inside your partner. Pre-cum on the vulva (or on your hands and then on your vulva) is thought to be less risky than on the penis and into the orifice, but also not no risk.”

If you have a "problem" with pre-cum, your boyfriend does, or you're just a human who's interested in this stuff (like I am), I highly recommend you give these responses a read.

This Person Thinks Pre-Cum Is Hot

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Honestly when my partner is so excited that he literally dribbles precum all over me and the sheets, I find it so sexy. I mean, wouldnt you find it hot when the girl you're fucking (or kissing, or caressing) is dripping wet? It's the best reward, the best compliment— hey, I desire you so fucking much that's what it says. So dont be ashamed or anything, its not gross, its not immature, it's adorable and sexy :)

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This Person Goes “Wild” For Pre-Cum

Hey, I can't speak for all women, but I go absolutely wild for pre-cum. Nothing better than feeling like your partner wants you so much their body is responding so physically beyond their control. There's an honesty about physiological reactions that speaks volumes. Plus I think it looks sexy and tastes amazing. My ex always produced a fair amount but I still wished it was more. Makes a fantastic lube for foreplay too*. I would personally take this as such an incredible compliment, and I'm pretty sure most other women would at least be slightly flattered. You go get some, OP.


This Person Calls Pre-Cum “The Sexiest Thing Ever”

Honestly this turned me on just reading it. My boyfriend also precums a lot and I think it is the sexiest thing ever. Him being so turned on turns me on even more.I mean all women are different, there may be some who don't dig it, but don't worry about them. I think the majority of women will enjoy this.

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This Person Takes Pre-Cum As A Compliment

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My boyfriend and I have been together over a year now, and his boxers are always soaked whenever we make out. This has been the norm for most of my relationships honestly. Maybe the guys I go for are just pre-cum fountains or its just a common guy thing and y'all don't discuss it, but you aren't alone OP. I find pre-cum very complimenting and arousing so don't be embarrassed by it

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This Person Says Pre-Cum Is Delicious

having a visual signal that you're turning a guy on that much is going to be very exciting for most women. I'll add my name to the precum fan club- it's delicious.


This Person Loves Pre-Cum

This post made me horny. Precum is the beeeeessssssst! So hot. It's awesome that you still get wet even in your 30s. I hope that's true for my partners too. Ugh I need some make out time now.


This Person Says Pre-Cum Is “Super Flattering”

Would be sooo turned on by this. I can't speak on behalf of everyone of course, but for me, actually seeing that level of arousal is such a turn on, and also super flattering. I don't know, I'd love it.Precum is sexy, and you can play around with it. I guess the dynamics are different if you're having one night stands, but if I was having consistent, comfortable sex with a dude and he produced loads of precum, I'd soak myself in it.


Turns out, pre-cum is more of a blessing (and a turn-on) than a curse.


Dr. Carol Queen, Author and Good Vibrations Staff Sexologist