Guys, Women Think Your Balding Head Is 'Sexy,' Science Says

by Sheena Sharma
Caleb Thal

If you're a guy who's freaking out about balding, put down the Rogaine. You might not necessarily need it to attract your next lady love.

A new study done by a team at Superdrug Online Doctor surveyed 1,700 men and women, aged 18 - 55+ (about 70 percent of them were millennial aged), in the US and the UK to find out how much balding affects their romantic lives and the way they feel about their SOs.

Turns out 54 percent of American women and 41 percent of women in the UK think balding is "sexy." DAYUM.

Fifty-four percent of American women and 41 percent of women in the UK think balding is 'sexy.'
Online Doctor

And when it comes to dating? Even though lots of men who were surveyed admitted they were self-conscious about their thinning hair, about 71 percent of women say a guy's hair loss doesn't really affect their dating lives. So that's great news!

All in all, 97 percent of women are unaffected by "minor hair loss" on a guy. And 76 percent of women say they would even date a guy with "severe" hair loss. (The study distinguishes between minor hair loss and moderate to severe hair loss.)

Overall, when it comes to how hair loss factors into their romantic lives, only approximately a third of people surveyed said a man's balding negatively affects their relationships.

Guys, this is all valuable information, considering by age 35, two-thirds of men will have lost some hair, and by age 50, 85 percent of them will have very thin hair.

Researchers also asked men and women to rank other factors in a partner when it comes to dating, like personality and income. Looks ranked in second place and personality took first place. So if you're a guy who's balding a little bit but you have a rockstar personality, you're pretty much in luck.


Bald guys, don't be discouraged! Get out there and don't let your hair loss affect your dating life. The right woman will love you for you and all your hair... or lack thereof.

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