What Your Favorite Disney Movie Says About Your Dating Life


You grew up on Disney movies. They've settled themselves deep, deep down into your subconscious.

Whether you know it or not, your dating life just might be influenced by one or more of your favorite childhood films.

We've analyzed a few Disney classics to see what they have to say about the way you operate in relationships.


You aim high, like, trophy-wife high. I mean, there must have been a few hot gardeners or stable boys hanging around that manor she lived in, but Cindy wanted a prince.

You like them rich, handsome and powerful, and you're willing to use a little bippity-boppity-boo deception to make it happen.


You ain't got no time for any man's bullsh*t. Forget fitting into the cultural and societal expectations he's got ingrained up in his head; you're all about making him see things from your perspective.

You're comfortable with taking the reins in the relationship, and letting him know what an independent, enlightened woman you are.


You're all about being one of the boys. Your method of operation is to gain his friendship and respect before going all certified hottie and stealing his heart.

Be careful, though; being too much of a bro can backfire. You don't want him challenging you to belching contests instead of showering you with affection.

"Sleeping Beauty"

I hate to say it, sister: You're more than content letting your partner put in all the heavy lifting in the relationship.

I mean, why trouble yourself with even getting out of bed when you can get your honey to come to you with pizza, flowers, or, I don't know, the head of the dragon/witch he just slayed to break your curse?

"Beauty and the Beast"

You're definitely into the fixer-upper types.

Sure, he may be cantankerous, messy and hairy now, but before long, you'll have him suited up and waltzing around a ballroom with well-styled locks flowing behind him.

"Snow White"

You go for pretty pushovers.

You're content to have him singing beneath your window every day, but you're much happier basking in the attention of your seven other boys, all of whom are just a little more down to earth. (Yes, that was a mining pun.)


You've grown up in the lap of luxury, and you need a man who's going to fit right in.

The real test comes when you find out that his shiny exterior is hiding a skinny bank account, and you learn how to love your pauper, anyways.

"The Little Mermaid"

Can you say “unrequited?” Most of your relationships begin by admiring the object of your affection from afar (bonus points if you have a life-size statue of bae in your basement), and building up the idea of a whole life together in your mind.

I mean, it ended up alright for Ariel, but I still wouldn't recommend signing your soul over to any sea witches on the off-chance your happy ending doesn't work out quite so well.


You grew up a little sheltered, but you're ready to make up for lost time by running away with the first cute boy who crosses your path.

Make sure to keep your frying pan handy if your cutie doesn't turn out to be as great of a catch as Eugene was.


So technically this is Pixar, but Merida still kicks ass. If you love "Brave," you're just not quite ready to settle down.

There are boys lined up around the block to seek your hand and compete to win your heart, but you'd much rather have a few more adventures before starting anything serious.

Also, go hug your mom; you two probably have a few issues you need to work out.