18 Differences Between Dating A 20-Something Versus A 30-Something

by Ashley Fern

Dating means something quite different when you're in your teens, your twenties and your thirties.

The amount of life experience at each decade is incomparable, which is why dating someone much older or younger than you can, sometimes, be difficult..

This isn’t to say that it isn’t worth it, but it's just another challenge in the already difficult dating world. Your friends are at a completely different part of life than his friends, which is probably one of the leading factors of what makes this so difficult.

So, what are the biggest differences of dating 20-somethings versus 30-somethings?

1. Your 20-something boyfriend is concerned about the pregame, your 30-something boyfriend is worried about a babysitter.

It's funny, yet eye-opening, when one's biggest concern is which one of his friends' houses he'll be pregaming at while the other's is looking for people to watch his kids.

You may be laughing at the situation, but you can bet he isn't.

2. Your 20-something boyfriend does date night during the week; your 30-something boyfriend prefers the weekend.

A 20-something never wants to give up a weekend night for a simple date. I mean, those nights are reserved for friends; the weeknight is when you’d prefer to go out to dinner or drinks.

But when you reach a certain age and are over the party scene and work incredibly long hours, the weekend is the only time you'd ever think of going out on a date.

3. Your 20-something boyfriend is deciding which bar to head to; your 30-something boyfriend is planning where he'll having his wedding.

The most important destination in a 20-something's mind is what bar he'll be drinking at for the night.

The 30-something you’re dating? He's just trying to pick a reasonable wedding venue.

4. Your 20-something boyfriend spends his Saturday mornings hungover; your 30-something boyfriend is doing errands.

A 20-something won't even venture outside until it’s after 2 pm. The 30-something, on the other hand, has already hit the gym and gone food shopping.

5. Your 20-something boyfriend's idea of a relaxing night is not blacking out; your 30-something boyfriend is not drinking.

A 20-something is still at that stage where going out means getting obliterated with friends. A 30-something hasn’t been into that for years -- and thank God for that.

6. Your 20-something boyfriend shares an apartment; your 30-something boyfriend lives alone.

Chances are a 20-something can't afford to live on his own so he's forced to find roommates. A 30-something is financially stable and has been living the solo life of luxury since as far as he can remember.

7. Your 20-something boyfriend lives on Seamless; your 30-something boyfriend loves to cook.

A 20-something should probably know how to cook by now, but sadly Seamless seems to be the best option for him. A 30-something knows his way around the kitchen and isn't afraid to spend ample time there.

8. Your 20-something boyfriend played around with Tinder; your 30-something boyfriend thought Tinder was the answer.

A 20-something isn't overly concerned with finding someone and settling down. A 30-something has Tinder and every other dating app to ensure that he won't end up alone.

9. Your 20-something boyfriend's biggest concern has to do with tomorrow; your 30-something boyfriend is all about a 10-year plan.

A 20-something's biggest concern is whether he's going to make it in time for his haircut appointment. A 30-something? Taxes and a mortgage.

10. Your 20-something boyfriend can’t imagine deviating from his routines; your 30-something boyfriend can't wait to integrate you in his.

It’s taken long enough for a 20-something to have a schedule, so there is absolutely no way he wants to rearrange that, not even for you. A 30-something, on the other hand? He can’t wait for a new way of life that most definitely includes you.

11. Your 20-something boyfriend dreads meeting the parents; your 30-something boyfriend can’t wait.

A 20-something doesn't even want to go home, let alone bring a stranger for everyone to meet. A 30-something can’t wait to bring you home to meet his family.

12. Your 20-somethings can barely afford a train ticket home; your 30-something boyfriend has the luxury of a car.

Your 20-something boyfriend can't even afford rent, let alone transportation; your 30-something boyfriend travels in style.

13. Your 20-something boyfriend already spent his Christmas bonus; your 30-something boyfriend invests his.

Your 20-something boyfriend can't wait to blow his bonus check on shots at the bar and a Christmas present for his mom; your 30-something boyfriend has already deposited it and is spending his interest on jewelry for you.

14. Your 20-something boyfriend doesn't know what a budget is; your 30-something boyfriend knows how to balance a checkbook.

That 20-something boyfriend of yours checks his account balance on his blue Chase debit card on a somewhat daily basis. The 30-year old on the other hand, can balance his spendings in his head.

15. Your 20-something boyfriend still can't pace himself; your 30-something boyfriend isn't even concerned.

Pacing is not even an issue when you hit your thirties since you spent your twenties perfecting that. This is a major difference when going out with either men of different ages.

16. Your 20-something boyfriend still waits for the “exclusive talk"; your 30-something boyfriend is solely dating you.

Well, that’s just awkward…

17. Your 20-something boyfriend still goes out all week long; your 30-something boyfriend rarely even considers that.

This probably has something to do with their respective maturity levels -- and also that hangovers do not age well.

18. Your 20-something boyfriend is the only taken on in his group of friends; your 30-something boyfriend is the only one left to get married.

Let the pressure begin!