There's A Difference Between A Good SO And The Right SO

by Gigi Engle

Far too often we get comfortable in relationships because we're dating someone who is nice. It's a good relationship. There are really no complaints on either end.

But something just doesn't feel right. It's tricky because you don't want to end something over a subtle, ambiguous feeling, but when you think about the relationship, there's something off. The thought of being together forever makes you nervous.

Your instincts are sending a distress call.

Everything in your heart settles once you upgrade to the right person. Your former relationship may have been good, but it just wasn't right. And when you've found that special someone, these differences are strikingly obvious.

This new love is next-level: It makes you feel calmer, more fulfilled and content.

After all, there's a difference between a good SO and the right SO, and it's only when you find what's right that you realize what was missing.

A good SO thinks about your needs; the right SO puts your needs first.

A good boyfriend or girlfriend is not going to forget about your needs. He or she will make an effort to keep you happy and remind you that you're special.

But in the right relationship, you put your needs aside and prioritize the feelings of your partner. When you find yourself doing that — without any prompting — then you've found a good one.

A good SO feels right for now; the right SO will feel right forever.

It's not uncommon to date someone who makes you happy, but with whom you just can't picture a future. The idea of marriage and children? It gives you anxiety. It's not that you don't care about this person; it just doesn't feel permanent.

With the right SO, that all changes. Instead of being scary, the future looks exciting. It makes sense.

When you're really in love, the great puzzle pieces of your life finally fall into place.

A good SO is comfortable; the right SO comforts you.

There's no getting around this romantic truth: If your relationship isn't a perfect fit, it will stagnate. It will feel comfortable, but not in the way you want.

With the right SO, you'll still feel comfortable — but it'll be different. You'll be comforted by the fact that you have someone whom you can always count on to make you feel safe and stable. Someone who will patiently listen and take care of you and tolerate your occasional antics.

And there's nothing more special than that special someone.

A good SO tells you things; the right SO teaches you lessons without trying.

Once you meet the right person, everything he or she says will fascinate you. Instead of just hearing the words as they pass from the other person's mouth, you'll genuinely listen and absorb what your SO is saying.

A good SO wants you to change your bad habits; the right SO makes you want to change them.

It's possible to really care about your SO and still not want to change certain areas of your life. Sure, you may speak out of turn sometimes, but whose business is that, anyway?

But being with the right person makes you assess your life and identify ways to improve yourself and enhance your relationships. It happens in subtle ways, too. When you're constantly around someone whom you respect and admire, it's natural to want to be more like that person — to become kinder, more patient or more caring.

A good SO is your boyfriend or girlfriend; the right SO is your best friend.

The difference between a good romantic relationship and the right romantic relationship is what you and your SO mean to each other.

The right person transcends the boyfriend-girlfriend binary to truly become your best friend. Your soulmate is the first person you call with good news, the one you kill time with when you're bored and turn to when you just NEED to share the hilarious meme you came across.

The right SO isn't just your boyfriend or girlfriend. The right SO is your everything — all in one adorable package.

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