The Difference Between A Bad Boy And An Asshole

by Evelyn Pelczar

It's no secret that women prefer the bad boy to the nice guy. There have been books about it, movies about it and just about every single heterosexual person in the history of existence is aware of this phenomenon…however, there's another piece to this puzzle.

There's a subtle differentiation between a bad boy and just some dude who is an asshole. Yet, most girls can't seem to tell the two apart. So, let me break it down for you. Women want a bad boy because if he wants something, he goes out and takes it.

He is dominant, and doesn't take shit from anyone. He doesn't get walked on and is often the Alpha Male of his group. The bad boy embodies power, and as a result, makes his woman feel empowered as well.

It's important to note that a bad boy will not discourage you, talk down to you, make you feel badly about yourself, or just generally be unsupportive and -- well, a dick.

That guy, more commonly, is known as an asshole. He can bear a striking resemblance to the bad boy because, similarly, he doesn't care what people think and does what he wants anyway.

He can be perceived as powerful because of his dominant traits, but the difference is, he doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. The reason why he doesn't care what people think isn't because he's determined to get his way, it's just because he's an asshole who has no consideration for other people's feelings -- including his girlfriend.

But, many girls just attribute this to “how he shows his affection,” and think “he really loves me” -- well, probably not. Anyone who loves you will never discourage you or make you feel as though you're not good enough to accomplish anything in the world.

Both genders are at fault in the creation of this common misconception. Many guys have no idea how to be a bad boy and therefore think the term “I don't give a shit,” which they so proudly boast, means they shouldn't give a shit about other people. In reality, it means they shouldn't give a shit about how others perceive them, what others think of their actions or how they live their lives. They should go out and be the king of the jungle.

Girls can get stuck in the rut of dating these d-bags from as early as middle school into high school, and therefore just assume this is what all “bad boys” are like. They continue to keep dating (or just banging) them.

Right about now is where the buzzer goes off, like when you get an answer wrong on Family Feud.
It's simple -- be honest with yourself. If you feel underappreciated, undervalued, discouraged or just generally not supported in your relationship -- it's time to go. Having your dignity and being alone is better than being in a relationship where you have to sacrifice it.

James Michael Sama | Elite.

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