People Described Love Really Badly On Twitter, And TBH, They're Not That Wrong

michelle edmonds/Stocksy

No matter how many times movies, books, and TV shows try to paint some beautiful picture about how "powerful," "kind," or "perfect" love is, I can't get behind it.

Maybe that's because, when I think of love, I'd describe it as "when you're literally willing to do anything for a person, but they throw broccoli at you instead of returning your feelings, and you still love them anyway."

(This is a true story, you guys. A person I was legitimately in love with threw broccoli at me instead of loving me back. Cool, I guess.)

OK, so that's probably not the best way to describe love overall, but it's certainly... accurate, given my experience.

And apparently, a bunch of Twitter users understand how a bad explanation can totally butcher an otherwise "good" concept.

Under the hashtag #DescribeLoveBadly, people took to Twitter to describe love in the worst way possible, and — similar to my own description — they weren't TOTALLY wrong...

Love is really hate at its core.

Love is pain... always pain.

Love is... well, IDRK, but it has a lot to do with knives and murder.

Love is 100 percent being released from boob prison.

Love is literally so much delicious... grease.

Love is my entire childhood apparently.

Love is the feeling of taking a sh*t in peace.

Love is a ploy created by evolutionary instincts.

Love is illogical.

Love is a really scary medical ailment?

Love is "I don't know, where do YOU wanna go?"

Love is strange gifts that no one really understands.

Love is not really wanting someone to die.

Love is cat videos. Just cat videos. Only cat videos.

Love is begging someone not to ruin your damn life.

Love is... stinky when it leaves.

Love is finding someone who will leave you alone (i.e. THE DREAM)

Love is letting people practice their dumb jokes for the sole purpose of their improvement.

Love is getting everything you want, only to fall in a chocolate river and have people sing a petty song about it.

Love is chicken tikka masala, and honestly, that's all I want.

So don't worry about trying to find the "perfect" words to describe how you feel about love, you guys. Just make sure it involves pain, confusion... and sometimes murder.

How would you describe love badly? Let me know in the comments!