Dudes Posing With This Type Of Dead Animal Get The Most Tinder Matches

Apparently, women are all about dating guys who fish. Or rather, the ladies of Tinder like guys who actually catch fish.

Since that's boring common knowledge already, Fishbrain (a sports fishing app) analyzed which types of dead fish are most likely to snag those right swipes.

The app asked 1,000 AEPhi sorority members to rank the dead fish that nearly a quarter of Floridian Tinder dudes are holding in their photos.

Surprisingly, 46 percent of women participating in the survey said they prefer men posing with dead fish over having no fish at all. So which unlucky fishes came out on top?

Twenty-five percent of the women think the Great Northern Tilefish is pretty dope. Apparently, the Tilefish "often [grows] well over 3.5ft long, [weighs] up to 65 lbs, and also has a beautiful metallic gold, blue and pink skin," reminding women of throbbing pink dicks, obviously.

The Sailfish came in second place, with Fishbrain calling it the "marine embodiment of grace and virility." Unsurprisingly, the Juvenile Common Carp came in last place because, at the end of the day, size is actually everything.

Check out the full list of dead fish rankings here, and remember, the worst fish is always the catfish.

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