You're So Vain: 20 Signs He's More Into Himself Than He Is Into You

by Laura Wigodner

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know if the guy you're dating will turn out to be a total train wreck, especially in the beginning.

However, minor details about a guy can reveal major negative aspects about the kind of person he truly is.

It's important to stop yourself from getting hurt, and it's sometimes easier than you think.

A few signs of douchebaggery and narcissism can be pretty subtle, but you'll most likely still notice them.

Here are 20 warning signs to look out for, in order to avoid total jerks:

1. He takes mirror pictures.

Mirror pictures are so 2006, and they're also the epitome of douchebags. He receives bonus points if he’s shirtless in the picture.

Muscles can be hot, but modesty is hotter.

2. He always brags about how much he can lift.

It’s attractive when a guy is fit, but it’s a turnoff when he thinks he’s the champion of the gym.

Bragging is really only good for competitive arguments with other men.

3. He only texts you or calls you when he’s drunk.

Liquid courage is one thing, but liquid douche juice is a whole other story.

If he needs to be drunk in order to talk to you, he’s either only looking for a hookup, or he doesn’t think as highly of you as you expect him to.

He's also probably just looking for attention to feed his own drunk ego.

4. He doesn’t ask you many questions about yourself.

If he doesn’t take the time to get to know you, he really doesn’t care about who you are as a person.

He could be asking you about your favorite music one minute, and then the next minute, he’s cutting you off to talk about his accomplishments.

Just no.

5. He uses pick-up lines.

Pick-up lines are only acceptable if they're the cute, cheesy ones.

If he’s using obnoxious lines, such as “Hey, wanna see my third leg?” back away ASAP.

6. He’s more high-maintenance than you are.

If he spends a really long time getting ready in the morning, checks his reflection every chance he gets and has to go home to fix his hair halfway through the day, he’s probably going to be more obsessed with himself than he is with you.

7. He brags about how much experience he has.

It can be fun to date a guy with experience, but if he always talks about the number of women he's slept with, it’s an automatic turnoff.

There’s also a high chance of him having a disease, which he may or may not lie about.

8. He wears designer sunglasses.

Designer anything automatically screams "assh*le."

You might be impressed by his collection of fancy shades, but if he refuses to stray from designer brands, there might be a problem with him.

9. He disses any of your interests.

It’s totally cool if a guy doesn’t like the same things you do. But it’s insulting if he bags on your favorite things.

If he thinks your hobbies are completely lame and pointless, he needs to be kicked to the curb.

10. He only compliments your body.

Compliments are awesome confidence boosters. But if a guy is solely focusing on your body and looks, you know exactly what he wants.

If he’s complimenting your ass more than your personality, you’re dealing with a guy who only thinks with his dick.

11. He's constantly texting you the eggplant emoji.

Some people are into sexting, but I think we can all agree sexting with emoji is a bit obnoxious.

Maybe it’s Apple’s fault for creating too many suggestive emojis, but the jerks overuse them.

12. He has to have his bro nights, but he gets mad when you want a girls' night.

If he’s allowed to go out to the bars with his bros, you should be allowed to hang with your ladies.

Any guy who doesn’t allow you to do so is an automatic assh*le.

He’s not your parent. He has no right to create rules for you.

13. He only wants to hang out late at night.

If he’s always hitting you up at midnight to hang, he usually only wants to get in your pants.

If he doesn’t have the decency to take you out in public during the day, you need to go find a gentleman who will.

14. He doesn’t want to put a label on your relationship.

These guys are notorious for having commitment issues.

If he keeps avoiding your question of “What are we?” you might want to reconsider the type of person you’re dating.

15. He frequently checks Tinder.

Guys in relationships who use Tinder are some of the worst men in existence.

If he’s spending all his time swiping, you might want to swipe him right out of your life.

16. He's always texting while he’s with you.

If he can’t help but look at his phone every five minutes when he’s supposed to be spending time with you, he might as well be dating his phone.

17. He talks badly about people.

No one wants to be with someone who's constantly saying rude and obnoxious things.

If he’s always judging people or bad-mouthing his friends, it’s a strong reflection of his personality.

He's likely trying to make himself look better by putting everyone around him down.

18. He drives too fast.

It’s never fun to risk getting killed.

If he thinks he’s hot sh*t because he can drive faster than the guy next to him on the road, he's an automatic douchebag.

Plus, following the law can be sexy.

19. He’s rude to wait staff.

How he treats waiters and store clerks can greatly reflect the way he treats people in general.

If he yells at them for every mistake and calls them names, he has no manners.

20. He makes you pay on every date.

You shouldn’t expect a guy to pay for you every single time.

But if he's always making up excuses about how he “forgot his wallet” or hasn't been paid yet, don’t waste your time.