Dating Trends From The '90s That Seriously Need To Make A Comeback

by Brittany Berke
Buena Vista Television

I'm 24. If you're good at math you'll know I was born in 1992.

As a Millennial, I can certainly speak for my generation when I say witnessing relationships in the '90s, compared to living them out today is waaaaay different.

I wish I had a time machine.

Besides the epic shows like “All That” and “The Amanda Show," everything was better back then.

More specifically, the way you interacted with your person of interest was not only simpler, but also so much more meaningful.

I mean, who can resist a little “Do you like me? Check YES or NO” action on the piece of scrap paper being passed your way in class?

Here are four reasons why dating was so much better in the '90s:

1. Phone Calls Beat Texts

Hands down. Do I really need to elaborate?

Making a phone call instead of texting is so much more personal.

From my home phone (that's right, cell phones weren't always the prominent means of communication), I'd dial the number of my crush, wait for their parents to answer and then ask to speak to him.

Then we'd talk for a little while I lay on my bedroom floor, twirling my hair and we'd make a plan to meet.

How CUTE is that?!

Furthermore, there was no way for any words to be misconstrued or mixed signals to be deciphered from vague texts. We'd have the world's best conversation and there was no way to overthink it.

Nowadays, we're so used to the impersonal form of dating.

Let's never forget a telephone's first purpose and go back to phone calls, shall we?

2. Writing Notes

Whether it was the inevitable Valentine's Day card you got from your crush in class, or the note expressing their feelings for you that was slipped in your backpack, the concept remains the same.

Writing letters is so freakin' romantic.

Just because we're in a new, technologically advanced generation doesn't mean the authenticity of a letter isn't dearly missed.

Notes convey your heart because A, you took the time to write it and that's EFFORT and B, it's being like totally vulnerable.

We need to make notes a trend again because, ultimately, it'd help strengthen a lot of relationships while simultaneously forming more genuine ones.

3. Making Mixtapes For Your Crush

Yes. Yes. Yes. Bring this back!!

Somewhere in my house are a bunch of CDs with “Steve” and “Kyle" written on them in permanent marker.

IMO, these were so much better than our phones.

It was so much more meaningful to analyze the songs and the order of them, in order to figure out their feelings for you.

It was the words we were too afraid to say -- how much more brooding and romantic can you get than that?

Now we have to figure out the words guys are afraid to say based on which Instagrams they like and what kissing them while we're "hanging out" means.

It's not fun, it's a headache.

4. Putting Your Crushes Name In Your AIM Profile

If you weren't actually dating them, you'd most likely find something like this (****), and then it was up to everybody else to guess who it was.

Also, your crush probably already had a clue and the fact he found out it's on your AIM profile... well, let's just say you were slowly approaching relationship-avenue.

The '90s were all about putting your feelings out there and committing to your crush, whole-heartedly.

In today's generation, it's easy to date multiple people at once and hide all of your tricks. There's limited ways to surprise each other and ultimately, most couples don't feel as excited as they once did.

The sparks fade much faster.

Our generation should emulate the '90s in the hope of keeping the love simpler, happier and alive.