Why You Should Try Dating Someone With Same Zodiac Sign At Least Once

by Rosey Baker
Dear Rosebud, Hey! I have a question. My birthday is May 1, 1986, and I'm a surefire Taurus. I'm currently dating another Taurus for the first time. Not only do we have the same SIGN, but we're both WOMEN. What do you think about two Taurus women in a relationship? You don't hear much about zodiac on zodiac relationships and I'm curious if this is a recipe for disaster or if we're going to be OK. What are some things we should look out for? What kind of sex should we be having? What will our fights be like? GAHHH help! Best, Taurus-on-Taurus
Kylah Benes-Trapp

Dear Taurus-on-Taurus,

I'm grateful you asked!

It's generally understood by those who are into astrology that dating your own sign can exacerbate both the good and not-so-great characteristics of the sign in question.

By dating another Taurus, there's one thing you can be sure of: It's going to be a lasting relationship.

Your focus as a couple will be on building a secure future together since no Taurus will ever throw themselves fully into a relationship they feel just so-so about.

Tauruses are passionate and sensory signs with a tendency for being stubborn and the habit of either overspending or hoarding money.

If you're with the saving type of Taurus, and you're the spending type, they could be a good influence on you!

Speaking of hoarding, Tauruses get very attached to their possessions.

So, moving in together may be a hassle since you'll both want your home to be an expression of what makes you feel most at peace: YOUR possessions.

I know compromise isn't your favorite thing, but be prepared to get rid of some of your belongings or to put them in storage. You have met your match when it comes to being bull-headed.

The sex between you two is bound to be amazing because you're turned on by the same things.

And since atmosphere is so important to Tauruses, you'll be grateful to find someone who finally understands the importance of LIGHTING when it comes to sex.

Ultimately, I think you might have finally met your match, and you sound incredibly excited about her.

So, KUDOS to you, Taurus! I wish you both all the best.

Just remember to be flexible!