6 Ways To Stay In Love When You're Dating A Less Spiritual Man

by Amy Baglan

So, you’re an über spiritual chick who wakes up for your morning meditation at 6 am on the dot, eats organic, non-processed foods and keeps a gratitude journal by your bed.

And you’ve fallen in love!

He’s great in so many ways, but his idea of exercise is doing the wave at a baseball game (hotdog in hand, of course), and he truly believes meditation is the same thing as taking a nap.

Believe me, I’ve been there.

I’ve given a freshly-made green juice to a lover, only to have him spit it out.

I’ve taken a boyfriend to a kundalini yoga class (a style that focuses on breath work, mantra and meditation) and cringed with horror as he kept his eyes open and laughed.

I’ve gifted a sacred book that changed my life to a man who started using it as a coaster on his coffee table.

What’s a Shakti goddess to do?

First of all, can you really blame them? I’ll be the first to admit my taste buds have drank the conscious Kool-Aid; they’ve been trained to think the healthier something is, the better it tastes.

Half the books I buy remain “shelf-help” books because I’ve been too lazy to read them. And kundalini yoga does look pretty ridiculous.

Here’s the deal, my fair yoginis: He may not be reading bedtime Rumi to you anytime soon, but you can find ways to help him to understand why this stuff is so important to you.

Here are some ways to coax your partner into dipping his toe into the spiritual rabbit hole (and deepen your connection in the process):

Enroll in a partner yoga workshop or, better yet, a Thai massage.

Most cities have a few people who specialize in these practices; you just have to seek them out.

He’ll love the intimacy and the complete opening his body (not to mention heart and mind) will experience, all at the level a beginner can easily access.

Challenge him to a week-long meditation using Headspace.

Remember how intimidated you were when you started meditating for the first time? The concept is totally confusing for someone who’s never tried it.

Apps like Headspace make is super accessible, and with gamified features showing your progress, it’s actually fun.

Get busy in the kitchen.

Go to the farmer’s market together and pick out fresh ingredients to make a green smoothie, with him calling the shots.

Throw in some chia seeds after telling him it’s the superfood that athletes swear by. Serve in a beer mug topped off with some cacao chips.

Try a couples gratitude practice for 21 days.

Every night before you fall asleep, tell each other three things you’re grateful for and make sure you include something about your partner.

I did this with a man for a couple of months, and it caused positive shifts in our mood, conversation and sleep patterns (not to mention our sex life).

Plan dates that incorporate both of your interests.

Say you live for a good hike, but your guy would rather spend the afternoon at the brewery.

Don't fight him on his love of a good craft beer. Instead, pick up a six-pack of his favorite brew and agree to cheers each other when you reach the top of the mountain together.

If all else fails, tell him about OMing, aka orgasmic meditation.

That is your Hail Mary.

At the end of the day, no matter where you are on your spiritual path, it’s important to remember it’s simply one path: yours.

Everyone must find his or her own.

If someone adds to your life, lifts you up and leaves you feeling like a better version of yourself, that’s better than any spiritual practice you can find.