One Of The Guys: 5 Reasons You Should Date A Woman With Brothers

When you date a woman who has a ton of brothers, you may initially believe it's a bit daunting.

“What if they don’t like me? Are they going to beat me up? Aren’t all three of her brothers elite wrestlers?”

Well, I’m here to tell you the risk is worth it.

A woman who has a ton of siblings, especially brothers, is a total catch.

When she laughs, it’s a full-hearted laugh, not a half-assed snicker.

She is full of physical affection and isn’t afraid to hug or wrestle. She certainly isn’t going to run when you lightly punch her arm.

In fact, she’ll punch you right back even harder. You’ll love it.

A woman with brothers may not be a perfect, manufactured lady with manicured nails and makeup. In fact, she is much more (and even better) than that.

If you find a woman with brothers, hold on to her. She’s genuine, she’s real and she’s down to earth.

Here are five reasons you should date a woman who has brothers:

1. She's tough.

A woman who has brothers as siblings becomes more and more resilient over time.

She has seen things that can't be unseen, and she has heard things she didn’t want to hear in the first place.

Very little fazes her now, and she has her brothers to thank for that.

As she is one of the only family members without a Y chromosome, she has quickly learned to stick up for herself when her brothers gang up on her.

She knows how to guard her favorite food, and she can throw a good punch.

If you think you’re going to date a pushover, forget it. There’s nothing hotter than a tough woman who doesn’t take your sh*t.

2. She'll know how to take a joke.

A woman who has brothers will quickly learn the sick, twisted humor guys have.

Whether it’s calling each other derogatory names or making random jerk-off motions accompanied by invisible splooge, brothers (and guys in general) tend to joke differently than women do.

That being said, if you decide to pull a prank or state something off-color to your woman, chances are, she’ll find it incredibly humorous.

In fact, she'll probably have something even more ridiculous to say back to you.

If you insult her, she’s just going to laugh it off. It comes with the aforementioned toughness acquired over the years of dealing with brothers.

She can certainly dish it and take it. Just don’t get upset if she ends up being funnier than you.

3. She'll get ready fast.

Much like basic arithmetic, the difference between men and women getting ready is a fact of life.

Guys tend to be ready in the time it takes for one Drake song to play, while women will get ready to the whole album, sometimes twice.

Not a chick with brothers.

If you are a woman and have had the unfortunate experience of sharing a bathroom with your brothers, you already know it’s not pleasant.

But most importantly, you know you have a short amount of time to get ready.

Low-maintenance is key for chicks who have brothers, as time is essentially lost if you have a slew of brothers waiting to take a shower.

In other words, you won’t be waiting for your date long. Thank her brothers for that.

4. She may be into sports.

No need to turn on any "Real Housewives" for this chick. She will be more than happy to be curled up on the couch, watching sports with you.

She will wow you with her knowledge, statistics and history, which are all tidbits fed to her by her brothers.

Hell, she may even kick your ass in Fantasy Football.

You have in her both a soulmate and a tailgate buddy.

5. Your guy friends will love her.

Since she has so many brothers, she understands (and even emphasizes with) your guy friends.

Conversations will deviate from the standard, polite fodder and will turn into hilarious, raunchy jabs as your woman keeps up and even dominates some of your boys’ insults.

She's laid-back, funny, sports-savvy and tough. A woman who has brothers is the perfect dating package.