How To Date Two Guys At Once Without Getting Caught (Video)

All girls don't feel the need to have a boyfriend. Not every female's priority is to find "The One." I mean, why settle for one when you could have two?

In today's culture of hookups and casual sex, most of us have “dated” multiple people at once. And while we've all gotten away with it (mostly because they meet you at your apartment late at night), there is still the chance you run into one when you're with the other -- no matter how big of a city you live in.

Even when you aren't “exclusive,” it's still probably the most awkward situation you'll ever find yourself in. And when that happens, what do you do? Do you have an excuse ready? There's not much you can say to salvage the situation.

You're screwed.

It almost makes you want to be monogamous. Almost.

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