Guys, Here Are 5 Ways To Come Up With A Date She'll Never Forget

Simone Becchetti

Dates are meant for two things: to get to know someone, and to make a memory.

But how do you make a date memorable?

If it's a first date, how can you possibly know what your date will like in order to make it a night to remember?

And if it's just one date on a long string of dates, how do you make it unique and unforgettable?

Here are five steps to crafting a date they'll never forget:

1. Make it active.

Studies show that high arousal activities build a stronger connection between you and your date. Activities create memories and bring you two closer together.

For the date to be memorable, each of you has to be integral to the story. Choose something that takes two people to do. There's no reason to, say, go to the movies, because you don't need anybody else to be in a memory of you watching a movie.

Pick something like tandem bike riding through a park. That story can't be told without including both of you, and it will get your heart pumping.

Other good activities include going to the arcade, putt-putt golf and bumper cars. The two of you play against each other; a little healthy competition is always fun. Concerts and other lively events work well, too.

Whatever you choose, make it something fun and exciting that's engaging for both of you.

2. Make it Unique

People have to eat at some point. So pick a place — be it a hole-in-the-wall, food truck or five-star restaurant — that your date hasn't experienced yet.

This does several things for you:

One, it's a tried and true marketing technique that you stay in someone's mind by being the first to do something. You are the first to go with your date to this restaurant, and you'll be remembered for that.

This also creates excitement during your date because it's something new. Plus, delicious food is its own reward!

Create a new, positive and unique experience for your date, and the two of you will have a cherished memory.

3. Make it special.

Gifts are reserved for special occasions. If you want to make it a date they'll never forget, make it special.

Give a gift! It doesn't have to be extravagant, either.

If they're into jewelry, Pearls Only has some great options. If they're big into music, check out Sweetwater for gear and accessories or Bands in Town for tickets (which plays well with point one).

You can also scour Etsy. When in doubt, grab some specialty chocolate.

There's an endless supply of gift options. Choose a gift you know (or are pretty sure) they'll love, and turn your date into a special occasion.

4. Make it inspiring.

One of the most powerful emotions for creating a memory — and for making people want to share that memory with others — is awe.

Go to a scenic vista or rooftop (bar), or any place that will take your breath away and make you say “Wow… That's amazing.”

Create that "Wow!" moment, and you'll create a memory for you and your date.

5. Make it cozy.

One thing every person wants to feel with their date is comfortable.

Call it security if you want. Call it trust. You want your date to feel relaxed around you enough to let down any guard they have. You want to be their pleasant reassurance that the world isn't so bad after all.

Comfort can be created by chilling at home in your pajamas eating leftover cheesecake together. It can be ending the night by hanging out with your date and their friend group at their regular watering hole.

Comfort can come in a lot of ways; it's different for each person. But each person wants to feel safe and relaxed with their date. People remember feeling safe and relaxed.

Going out on a date isn't necessarily about being slick or overly romantic. It's about creating a memory with someone you really care about or someone who you hope to earn more time with.

That's what these steps are for: to craft a date they'll never forget, to make a memory.