9 Reasons Why I Would Rather Date A Mama's Boy Than A Bad Boy

by Gigi Engle
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It’s important when seeking out a boyfriend to look for a man who knows how to treat a woman correctly, with care, respect and dignity.

No relationship could be a greater indicator of a man’s character than the one he has with his mother.

A man who respects his mother is a man who respects women.

While we all say we want some “bad boy” who can ignite our passion and take us on wild adventures, when it comes down to marriage, we should be looking for slow and steady, not hot and heavy.

Look at the way your potential mate interacts with his mother before taking any further steps into a more serious romantic relationship. Look for a mama’s boy.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying to look for your typical, clichéd, was-breastfed-until-he-was-old-enough-to-chomp-on-steak kind of “mama’s boy.”

I’m not referring to a man who lets you walk all over him and can’t hold his own in an argument.

I’m talking about a real, adult man.

A man who loves his mama because he loves women and recognizes them as strong, vibrant human beings.

I’m talking about a man who considers his mother a personal friend, an honored female and a remarkable woman.

You can bet if he treats his mama right, he’ll treat you right, too.

1. He isn’t afraid to show emotion

A guy who has a close relationship with a woman for his entire life isn’t going to be afraid to open up about his feelings. We’re emotionally fluid, we ladies, and a little of that will rub off on our sons.

Unlike “ultra-masculine” men who think it compromises their status as “men” to let anything of the emotional variety come to the surface, a man who is close with his mama knows he’s human and knows how to deal with his emotions effectively. He isn’t soft or weak; he’s just human.

2. He knows a woman’s worth is beyond her sexuality

He doesn’t view a woman as some debased, sub-human piece of ass. A woman is a human being before anything else and deserves to be respected as such.

A man who’s close with his mom has had this idea ingrained into his mind since the womb. It is simply second nature for him.

3. He knows chivalry isn’t dead and intends to prove it

He knows you have your own life and sense of independence, but he also wants to treat you like a lady.

He has always been told that small acts of chivalry never go unnoticed. When he holds the door for you or brings you flowers, it’s only to show you he cares.

You can thank his mom for that. He’d never compromise your values. He just wants you to feel special.

4. He values the advice of a woman

Your opinion and your advice hold great weight with him. He isn’t the kind of man who would find your thoughts to be of lesser value based solely on your being female.

He has asked his mom for advice countless times, and he is well aware of how wise women are.

5. He knows the importance of being a good dad

Any man who is close with his parents knows the importance of being a good father someday.

Since a mother, to whom he is so close, raised him, he has every desire to be that kind of hands-on, caring parent to his own children.

If your potential husband is a good son, he definitely has the right stuff to be a good dad.

6. He sees women as strong, not submissive

He would never see a woman as anything other than an equal. With a strong matriarch who guided his upbringing, a powerful woman doesn’t threaten him.

A woman is not there to be a man’s servant; she’s there to be his partner. Both man and wife are there to support each other.

7. He’s just plain comfortable with women

There’s something inherently endearing about a man who was raised by an active mother. He’s spent his entire life around women, so he maneuvers around and among them with an effortless ease.

Some men are noticeably uncomfortable around females, not exactly sure how they should act or what to say. It’s as if females were aliens.

It’s really unattractive when a man doesn’t know how to handle himself around women. A guy who has a close relationship with his mom will never have this problem.

8. He knows how hard it is to be a mom

He would never force you to stay home with your children nor would he judge you for wanting to go back to work.

He knows a mother wears several different hats and juggles a whole hell of a lot at once. She takes care of her babies, but she also takes care of her career.

If this guy is going to be a good husband and father, he’s going to appreciate everything you sacrifice for your family, everything you work for and be proud of you, no matter what.

9. Bad boys grow into bad men; mamas' boys grow into good men

What it all comes down to in the good boy/bad boy debate is the bad boy makes for a fun fling, but the good boy makes for a good partner for life.

A guy’s respectful, solid relationship with his mother is a byproduct of being a good guy.

If he grew up being a bad boy, he will most likely wind up being a bad man. If he grew up close with his mother, he’ll probably end up being a good, well-rounded, kind and caring man.

An unbreakable love between mother and son typifies the character of a good man.