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20 Date Ideas That Let You Channel Your Inner Alexis Rose

Totally doable, even if you aren't dating Leo DiCaprio or a Saudi prince.


If there is one thing that Alexis Rose knows how to do, it’s how to have fun. As she said in Season 2, “I don't want to brag, but Us Weekly once described me as ‘up for anything.” Her adventures throughout Schitt’s Creek prove the magazine right. Throughout the show, Alexis is constantly referencing her past of miscellaneous escapades, so why not take some dating inspo from her “up for anything” attitude? These date ideas are the perfect ways to inject some more excitement into your dating life.

OK, I’ll be honest: Alexis’ adventures don’t always scream romance. If that’s what you’re looking for, you would probably be better off getting tips from David Rose’s beau, Patrick Brewer. In fact, Alexis’ exploits fit more into the plot of a spy thriller than rom-com. (BTW, there's actually a conspiracy theory about Alexis being a spy, which Annie Murphy has nicknamed A Little Bit Spy-Lexis, per Entertainment Weekly.)

Spy or not, Alexis’ adventures definitely lead to memorable moments. If you’re looking for a way to add some spice to your date night routine (and stop resorting to dinner and a movie), look no further than Alexis. So hide your diamonds, hide your exes — here’s how to make your love life a little bit Alexis.

Go On A Shopping Spree

In Season 1, Episode 4, Alexis explained that she once “drove into the Prada store on Rodeo Drive. In fairness, it did look like the entrance to a parking garage. And I was high at the time.”

Take a (much safer) cue from Alexis’ book and try a shopping spree for your next date. Before you feel your wallet start to hurt, remember that window shopping also works!

Try A Blind Date

In Season 1, we also find out that Alexis has a habit of going on blind dates. At one point, David tells her, “Dubai, 2010. I had to pick you up from that blind date that went terribly wrong. It was a total disaster.” Later in the season, Alexis said, “I went on a blind date to Bali with Leo, so I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine.”

Crossing international waters for a blind date might not be the safest decision. (It definitely isn’t.) But getting set up by a friend on a blind date also works — no passport required.

Take A Foreign Language Class

Alexis got caught in her fair share of rocky situations, but her knack for languages helped her out. At one point, she asked, “Like, have you ever had to negotiate in Arabic? It’s very difficult.”

Download Duolingo or pick out an in-person foreign language class for your next date night. Together, you can work on perfecting your accents.

Bake A Cake

A cute baking date is always a good idea. During the show, Alexis explained that she once had a very enlightening conversation about cake and Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst.

“It’s just that she never said ‘Let them eat cake.’ I asked Kirsten Dunst who played her in the movie. That line was actually written years before Marie Antoinette allegedly said it, and um, Kirsten also told me at the premiere that she was jealous of my bangs,” Alexis told Jocelyn Schitt.

While you wait for the cake to bake, watch Marie Antoinette, starring Dunst.

Go Out For Karaoke

What could be better than a Schitt’s Creek-themed karaoke night? And the best karaoke song comes from Alexis herself: “A Little Bit Alexis.”

As she told Moira Rose and Jocelyn during an acting audition, “Hello, my name is Alexis Rose represented by Alexis Rose Talent. I have chosen to perform the title track off of my critically reviewed, limited reality series, A Little Bit Alexis. Feel free to sing along if you know the words.”

Bonus points if you nail her choreography, too!

Experiment With Bondage

If you want to take these date ideas into the bedroom, Alexis has you covered. "In case you wake up in a chair with your hands duct-taped together, you can snap the duct tape by just raising your hands over your head, and then bringing them down really hard,” she told David in Season 2, Episode 7.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

There’s a reason flipping through your partner’s old high school yearbook is so much fun. From funny senior quotes to cringey team photos, some memories never get old. And Alexis knows the value of a high school education — embarrassing moments, included.

“I did not finish high school,” she explained to Jocelyn’s English class when she went back to school for her GED. “It’s this long, boring story involving a yacht, and a famous soccer player, and like, a ton of mushrooms.”

Play Pool

Whether you have a pool table at home or you go to the nearest dive bar to play, a game of pool is always a good idea. The flirty lean! The competition! What more could you want?

Plus, it’s Alexis-approved.“You learn pretty quickly [how to play pool] when you're in a Ugandan diamond smuggler's villa playing for your friend's freedom,” she said in Season 4, Episode 8.

Hit Up The Zoo

From her experience at the vet office, it’s clear that Alexis is an animal lover, but her history with pets goes back way further. “I once passed off a mini horse and three guinea pigs as service animals, so anything is possible,” she explained during Season 5. Why not channel this love for four-legged friends for your next date and go to your nearest zoo?

Go Out For Bubble Tea

In Season 5, Episode 3, Alexis revealed one of her celebrity exes was the frontman from Maroon 5. “Yeah, and Adam Levine and I just went for bubble tea,” she said to David in Season 5. If it’s good enough for Alexis and Adam, it’s good enough for me.

Take Some Sultry Pics

In Season 2, Episode 9, Moira believes that her nude photos leaked online. “There are nude photos of me all over the internet,” she told her kids. Alexis responded, “Are you sure you're not thinking of mine?”

Snapping scandalous pics isn’t for everyone, but if you are interested, a boudoir photoshoot can be a fun and sexy date night. Just, um, keep them offline.

Go To The Drive-Through

You can make time for your SO even when it seems like you have none to spare. Although a drive-through date might not be the most romantic, there’s nothing like sharing a large fry to show you care. Plus, no matter how glam Alexis seems, even she’s been to the drive-through.

“It’s just a checkpoint. I’ve been through tons of these in Johannesburg,” she told Johnny Rose and Roland Schitt in Season 2. “It’s like a drive-through, except everyone has a gun.”

Play Bumper Cars

Alexis might be into bumper cards, assuming she didn’t have to wear a helmet and ruin her hair. What can I say? She loves a joy ride. “I once had a 7-year-old drive me around Mumbai so I'm pretty sure you're cool to steer for a sec,” she told David in Season 3.

Go To A Concert

A concert — and really any opportunity to dance — is definitely a date that Alexis could get behind. “I was once paid to talk up Heart-Blaster Energy Drink at a Third Eye Blind concert,” she said in Season 5. (Third Eye Blind is still touring, BTW, so you can totally make this happen.)

Take The Casual Route

Not every date needs to be super romantic. The casual route also works — especially if your fling resembles Zac Efron. “I used to text Zac Efron just like, a question mark, whenever I wanted a booty call. Poor thing would be pressing the buzzer before I even pressed send,” she revealed in Season 4.

Plan A Beach Day

“Oh my god, Turkish Cosmo once included my photo in their list of world’s best sarongs, so let’s just say that I know my way around a beach,” Alexis said in Season 5. And really, what could be more romantic than a date at the beach?

Go For A Run

It’s no secret that Alexis loves to run. And it’s a skill that came in handy when she ran into the Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia. When Ted told her that he didn’t think she could “run in those” high heels, Alexis responded, “Tell that to me at 21, escaping the Yakuza.”

Write Each Other A Song

OK, so creative date ideas can feel intimidating. Not everyone is a natural-born songwriter. But you can always take the funny route for this date, opting for humorous inside jokes over deep expressions of love.

That said, in Season 1, Alexis explained to Twyla how this date doesn’t always go as planned. “I tried it once and the guy ripped the guitar out of my hands and he just started smashing it on the ground. Granted I am tone-deaf and he was a super angry marine,” she said. I have a feeling your version of this date would go much better.

Do A Gift Exchange

Swapping gifts with your SO might seem like a holiday-exclusive thing, but there’s no rule saying you can’t buy them a thoughtful gift whenever your heart desires. Take it from Alexis who explained in Season 5, “So, way back when, all of my girlfriends and I used to throw the diamonds we got from our parents on a table and just do, like, a big jewelry swap.”

And no, this date idea does not need to involve expensive diamonds. Try swapping your favorite snacks or books instead.

Go To An Escape Room

If there is one thing that Alexis’ adventures make clear, it’s that she has a knack for getting out of dangerous situations unscathed. “So this is weird. Today marks the longest relationship I’ve ever voluntarily had with someone,” she said in Season 1, Episode 11. “Yeah, the actual longest relationship was a three-month affair with a Saudi prince, but for the last two months of that I was trapped in his palace trying to get to an embassy.”

Hone your own skills for breaking free with an Escape Room date.

Although I can’t say I would want to face any of Alexis’ near-death experiences firsthand, there’s no harm in taking some inspiration from her escapades — especially if you think it could add some spice to your dating life. After all, a little bit Alexis is better than none at all.