This Is Why You Should Date The Guy Who You Know Isn't 'The One'

by Anne Cohen
20th Television

When it comes to dating, it's important to show someone you care through what you say and do. There should always be a good balance between your actions and your words.

One of the biggest problems on the dating scene these days is the fact that many people are going on many first dates that tend to lead nowhere. They don't even lead to second dates.

One of the biggest reasons people aren't making it to that second date is not even because of chemistry, believe it or not.  The reason is due to a lack of effort that's being shown on one or both sides.

One of the biggest ways someone feels like you like him or her is through the amount of effort you put into seeing him or her. But your other actions can make a difference as well.

The saying, "Actions speak louder than words" is true. They do. But there should be a healthy balance.

I've heard many people say they're willing to do anything for the right person. But when that right person comes along, they'll not only put in a lot of effort into making the other person happy, but they'll also stop at nothing to pursue this person and attain his or her love.

The problem with people who are willing to put a lot of effort only into the right person is this: You never really know who the right person is until you start putting a little effort into the dates you go on.

It's important to have an optimistic approach and outlook when it comes to dating. You shouldn't be pessimistic and assume that your next first date won't be "the one." You'll really never know unless you give things a shot and try to put some effort into it.

You should go into every new situation with optimism. From now on, with every person you date, try to have an optimistic approach. Have an open heart so that the situation and the person will be given a sincere chance.

Generally speaking, there are people who feel like only the right person deserves the maximum amount of love from them. But the big problem with this is the fact that these people don't really have an open heart or mind when it comes to meeting someone new. It's imperative that we give each and every first date a chance. In this way, our approach will speak for itself.

If you don't think someone will be a good match for you, or if you think there's very little hope for the two of you as a couple, it's important to not waste your time or this person's. Don't even go on a first date with this person.

Try having a first phone call with the person if you're doubtful about him or her, instead of putting effort into dating him or her at all. If you choose to date the person, then do so by putting enough effort into it. In this way, this person will appreciate you.

It's important that when you put yourself out into the dating scene, you do so with honest and pure intentions. You should treat every situation and new person as a clean slate.

If you feel like a situation has potential, then you should give it and the person a genuine chance. If you don't show any kind actions, or if you display little to no effort, this person likely won't stick around. He or she definitely won't feel liked, loved or appreciated.