Why You Should Date The Kind Of Woman Who Makes You A Better Man

by Celeena Sayani

To the good men in the world, you deserve a woman who has it all. She could be a writer, a runner or an investment banker for all I care. Just date a woman who has all the qualities you want in a partner.

This isn’t a dating checklist by any means. It’s just a catalyst to get you thinking about the type of woman with whom you want to be. The right woman for you is out there, so don’t settle. Be patient.

The woman you date should surprise you, fascinate you and make you smile. This woman should make you better.

Date a woman who travels. Date a woman who will climb mountains, surfs waves and who likes to explore. Date a woman who is interested in other cities, cultures and the world.

A woman who travels will have an open mind and isn’t afraid to experience new things. This sense of adventure will translate into your relationship.

Date a woman who is comfortable with who she is. This woman will be confident in herself and won’t need you to tell her every day that she’s beautiful because she already knows she is.

Date a woman who isn’t afraid to show you who she is. This woman will be easy to wake up next to and make you feel comfortable.

Date a woman who is smart. She doesn’t need to have a degree in neuroscience, but date a woman who can carry an intellectual conversation about something for which she is passionate. This woman will challenge you and make you think. You will always be fascinated by what she has to say.

Date a woman who has her own hobbies. They don’t need to be your hobbies, as it is good if you have different interests. Date a woman who has many things in her life that define her.

Date a woman who is interesting. Date a woman who has a bit of an edge and isn’t afraid to show it. Maybe she’s a little quirky or weird, but let’s be honest, you are, too. Her differences are what set her apart from everyone else.

Date a woman who has goals. She doesn’t need to have it all figured out. Actually, it’s better if she doesn’t. But, date a woman who has a clear idea of whom she wants to be in the future. She might not be there yet, but she is on the right path.

Date a woman who lives her life to the fullest. This woman won’t need to be taken out on extravagant dates; she will have fun doing just about anything with you. Date a woman who appreciates the little things in your relationship. She will treasure the time she gets to spend with you.

Date a woman who makes you laugh out loud. Maybe it’s her corny jokes or that she’s not afraid to call you out on your corny jokes, but you can always count on her to lighten the mood.

Date a woman who also understands and appreciates your sense of humor. Her laugh will be the best medicine.

Date a woman who is curious and who loves to learn. She will ask many questions, but her curiosity will allow her to get to know you in a way that nobody else ever has. She will become your best friend.

Most importantly, date a woman who makes you better.

Amongst her being on a path to fulfill her own hopes and dreams, she will be your biggest supporter. This woman will surprise you every single day with her kindness and generosity. And, if you ever need anything, she will be there for, you without hesitation.

She will let you in and help you discover the amazing person you are. She will inspire you to not only be a better partner, but also a better human being.

When you find a woman who makes you better, keep her close and treat her well. She deserves it and so do you.