15 Damn Good Reasons You Should Date A Girl Who Loves Country Music

by Candice Jalili

The kind of you music you listen to is more than a reflection of your taste. It's a reflection of who you are. Every musical genre has its own culture.

The person bumping N.W.A.’s “Straight Outta Compton” follows different culture than the person unwinding to Bach’s “Cello Suites.”

And then there’s the girl who still smiles at the sound of Darius Rucker’s “Wagon Wheel” -- no matter how many times she’s heard it.

She's the girl who’s brave enough to love country and ignores the preferences of her house-music-obsessed generation. She's the one who craves a story in every song she listens to.

She doesn’t need anything more than some jeans and a t-shirt to go to her favorite concert. She's the girl who would be a pleasure to date.

Here are 15 reasons to date the girl who loves country music.

1. She’s loyal.

This girl knows her roots, and she’s proud of them. Even if she’s not from a stereotypically small Southern town, she respects a culture that values the concept of “home.” No matter where you guys go together, she’ll always remember her roots.

2. She’s f*cking hot.

In an effortless kind of way. All she has to do is slap on her jeans and a tee, and suddenly she’s hotter than every other girl dressed to the nines.

3. She’s comfortable with herself.

You can get mud on her sundress and spill beer on her boots, and she won’t care. Because none of that matters to her. Her main stock in life is so much more than how she looks or what she wears.

4. She has her priorities straight.

Country music is filled with good wholesome values -- the kind you'd want in a life partner.

Country music tells us to love our families, be there for our friends and never lose faith in the knowledge that things will get better. She knows what truly matters in life, and that’s where she focuses her energy.

5. She knows how to make you feel welcome.

No matter where you guys are in the world, this girl feels like home. She doesn’t shake hands; she hugs.

She makes eye contact when she speaks to you, and if you run into her 10 years down the line, odds are she’ll remember your name.

6. She’s easygoing.

She knows how to relax and just be. The music she loves has taught her that everything will work out in due time, and she takes solace in that.

7. She knows how to listen.

Country music is more than just a melody; it’s a story. The girl who appreciates this music knows how to look for something deeper in what she hears.

8. She appreciates nature.

She’ll choose a mountain peak over a rooftop bar every time.

9. She’s down-to-earth.

Money and status aren’t everything to this girl. You’re not going to wow her with a reservation at the hottest place in town. She takes pleasure in the simple things.

10. She knows what she likes.

…and she gives zero f*cks about what you have to say about it. Country music is not always the most popular genre, and the people who hate it really, truly HATE it. That makes no difference to her.

She knows what she likes, and she’s going to keep liking it -- no matter what the irrelevant haters have to say.

11. She’s a badass.

Simply put, the girl who loves country is a down-ass bitch. She’s up for anything and down for whatever adventure you have in store for her.

Not to mention the fact that she’s not afraid to f*ck your sh*t up if you mess with her or any of her loved ones. She’s loyal, remember?

12. She can hang with the guys.

As I mentioned before, she’s comfortable with herself. She doesn’t care about being ladylike to impress you.

If she wants to order an ice-cold Corona instead of a crisp Prosecco, that’s what she’s going to order. And she’s not afraid to let out that quality belch when she’s done.

13. She’s straightforward.

Unlike most people in our generation, she isn’t afraid of being vulnerable. Like the music she listens to, she’s in touch with her emotions and knows how to express them with a simple and direct eloquence.

14. She’s soulful.

Starting with what she listens to, this girl demands a certain level of depth in everything she does.

She knows how to listen to something and really connect to it. She knows how to listen to a story and sympathize with the storyteller. She has the rare and fabulous gift of compassion.

15. She’s a romantic.

I know I’ve said it already, but country music tells a story. And more often than not, that story is a love story. Not a fake rom-com fantasy, but a real one.

Each song tells its own unique story of two real people and the ups and downs of their real-life fairytale. She has no disillusioned ideas about love.

The stories she’s heard have taught her that love isn't always easy, but it is worth keeping.

She appreciates both the highs and lows of a real-life love story. And, if you’re lucky, you can be part of hers.