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Why Nostalgia Isn't Enough To Mend A Broken Relationship

Nostalgia ain't what it used to be.

There's a dangerous temptation in relationships to compare your mess to the bliss you once had. When things stagnate, couples find themselves longing for “the way it was.” Through the haze of retrospect, the past seems simpler and happier. Yes, you say, we were definitely happier.

But rather than untangling the knots that have slowly wound this stranglehold on your relationship, a new temptation -- a stronger one -- takes hold: Let's go back to the old us.

You might revive an old tradition you two started together (and then ended together). You might go back to the place where you met in hopes it'll transfigure your relationship to its old form. Places like that have a certain magic, right?

But within this path lies danger because even though you feel like the same person you were a few years ago, the world continued to turn, and time continued to march. You may not notice it day to day, but you changed. And your partner changed, too.

In this episode of “The Quarter-Life Couple,” Becca and Wilson literally retrace their steps and return to their alma mater where they first met. In their efforts to take a simple photograph, they realize they'll never be able to recapture who they once were.

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