Couples' Real-Life Love Stories Will Make You Believe In Fairytales (Photos)

by Gillian Fuller

Everybody loves a good meet-cute story, and new Instagram account thewaywemet is seeking to cash in on that obsession.

The account, launched two weeks ago by Los Angeles-based Brooklyn Sherman, accepts submissions from couples hoping to tell their “how we met” stories.

Sherman, who is currently single, told she's always been a hopeless romantic. She started the account, in part, to prove true love isn't just for fairytales.

She explained,

I realized there were too many great stories and I didn't wanna keep them to myself. So I started the Instagram as a way to put these stories back into the world and give people hope that there is someone for everyone and you will find them!

Judging by the account's popularity -- it has over 7,000 followers, up 5,000 from just yesterday -- Sherman isn't the only social media maven to believe in the power of love.

As of this morning, 28 happy couples have shared their love stories on thewaywemet.

Check out some of our favorites below.

These two found love on Tinder...

...while this couple met through a mutual friend.

These two are still in love after 60 years...

...and this duo has been inseparable for three.

These YouTube filmmakers have a movie-worthy romance...

...and these speedy Romeos knew from the start.

Though all these couples' stories are different...

...they all have one thing in common.

They've found their true love.

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