6 Things You Question When Your Relationship Seems Too Good To Be True

by Alex Schnee

You'd never thought you'd be involved with someone you didn't fight with.

After several bad relationships where yelling in public was a favorite pastime, you're suddenly with someone, and you have nothing to complain about.

Even more unusual, when do you have problems, you simply discuss them.

It's not like that's a bad thing; feeling satisfied with your relationship is something you've always hoped for.

But, you can't help but wonder if something's wrong.

Here are six things that might be on your mind when you have a perfectly compatible partner:

1. Isn't fighting healthy?

Every relationship manual you've ever glanced at has encouraged you to hash things out with your significant other.

Fighting was expressed as the way to work out any problems you might have.

But here's the thing: You two never argue.

The lack of yelling or complaining has made you start thinking you're doing this thing all wrong.

What if this is toxic, and you don't even know it?

Should you be complaining more? But, he doesn't do anything wrong. (Help!)

2. But, you actually don't like fighting.

Confrontation is not your thing. That's why every time it comes up, you tend to robotically shut down like Windows 95.

You actually respond better when someone utters the phrase, “I think we should talk.”

You appreciate how your significant other is willing to lay things out on the table, instead of throwing them in your face.

3. You'd like to have a minor argument, but nothing ever comes up.

You'd fight about how he leaves his underwear on the floor, but yours accompanies his there.

You'd mention something about his snoring, but honestly, it's kind of cute.

It would almost be a relief to yell at each other over a minor issue, but then you remember those are the reasons you got together with that person in the first place, and it shuts down your whole argument.

It doesn't help he thinks you're hot when you're angry.

You get into your best fighting stance, and he just wants to get into your pants.

4. Is it bad you're both super flexible?

There are never disagreements about who gets the remote or what food to order in because you both know those details don't really matter.

You're also just both very flexible people; you're happy going with the flow.

Does it help you have the same taste in practically everything? Yes.

But, you're just amazed at how easy this whole thing has been, and you secretly wonder when it's going to explode.

5. This is why you can't relate to your friends and their relationships.

You hear about a new argument every week from your best friends and how it left them in a puddle of tears.

You listen sympathetically, but you can't really empathize.

The last time you cried around your significant other was when he made you laugh so hard that tears streamed down your face.

6. Why can't you stay mad very long?

Even when you do get a little pissed off, it's not for very long since he reads you like an open book.

He can tell immediately when you're angry, sad or frustrated, and he starts a conversation about it.

Although you may not want to, knowing your partner is there to discuss things makes you feel less heated. You wish all relationships could be this easy.

Though you may have doubts, the truth is, you're happy that you're with your best friend.

You're willing to forgo the fighting for laughter and enjoy each other's company instead.