Love Is A Game, And They’re Winning: 7 Confessions From Real Players

By Gigi Engle

Have you ever wondered what's going through a player’s mind when he or she is straight up in the game?

Have you ever thought, “Damn, how did he get away with that?!” or "How did she not know!" or even the satisfying, "Good. I'm so glad he got caught."

Some of the stories out there are truly impressive.

A player's mentality is a unique one. They're a pretty selfish bunch, thinking only of themselves and taking their own satisfaction and gratification into account before anyone else's.

They don't always mean to be so harsh; they just aren't exactly mature enough to commit to an adult relationship.

They don't lack empathy; it's just the idea of settling down is a foreign concept to them -- not to mention, terrifying.

There's some true artistry behind the games a player plays. Their stories can be a little tragic, but they're very entertaining.

For those of us who've wondered what happens inside of the brain of a sexual con artist, look no further.

We rounded up seven first-person stories from some of the "greatest" players out there.

Here are confessions from real-life players:

1. Naomi wanted to have her cake and eat it, too. Here's what she had to say about dating girls in the same friend group:

One time I was hooking up with these three girls at the same time. They were all in the same friend group, and none of them knew about me being with the others. Then they went on a camping trip together and figured it out. They were texting me and all really mad. I was actually able to get out of it with all of them by saying the same thing to all three: I 'always liked them best,' and 'the other ones were just thots,' and one would 'definitely be my girlfriend soon, I just needed to work on myself for a while.' Never dated any of those girls.

-- Naomi, 21

2. Phil wasn't exactly hoping to kiss a girl who was about to get married, but it didn't end up stopping him:

I was riding in an Uber [car]pool when we stopped to pick up the other carpooler. She was a super attractive girl. It was a Saturday night, and we both seemed a little tipsy. We started talking and in the back of the car she whipped out a vape pen. We surreptitiously smoked it on the back seat so the driver wouldn't realize. At some point in our conversation, she said she was engaged which was disappointing but we were still having fun, so I asked if she wanted to get a drink. We went to a dive bar, got a shot, beer and kept on chatting. Then out of nowhere she kissed me. I stopped her and said, 'Aren't you engaged?' She just shrugged and kept on making out with me.

-- Phil, 27

3. James wasn't a great liar, but he didn't seem to care. He kept it simple, and it worked:

I was dating this one girl, and then I hooked up with this other hot girl and she left a bunch of hickeys on my neck. So, when the girl I was dating confronted me about it, I said it was a gag gift from my cousin's bachelor party. I said it was this weird toy that had suction and would make hickeys. It was a terrible lie, but she totally went for it. Yeah, that is one of the worst lies I've ever told. She just believed me.

-- James, 26

4. Kevin wasn't shy to admit some of the best love stories begin a few doors down:

I was dating my girlfriend and also hooking up with the girl down the street. I had this party, and they both came. A bunch of my friends spilled the beans that I had a girlfriend. She was mad, so I offered to walk her home. For whatever reason, she said yeah. On the way home, I completely convinced her my friends were joking about me having a girlfriend. So, we kept hooking up.

-- Kevin, 24

5. For a long time, Terrance wasn't ready for a relationship. Looking back, he reflects on changing his ways:

Honestly, when it comes to cheating and playing girls, you can really get away with anything without someone knowing. In the past, I've done that, and I never felt guilty. But now, I would never do that to my girlfriend. When you're really committed to someone, you make the conscious decision not to lie or do sketchy stuff.

-- Terrance, 23

6. Ryan wasn't sure if she could stick to one guy, but eventually fate had its way. Now she's never been happier:

At one point, I had two guys I was really into. I didn't want to have to choose. I guess it was FOMO. I didn't want to miss out on something. Anyway, I kept dating both for a least a year. Then one of them started talking about having kids and stuff. I just wasn't ready for something like that. So basically, I realized the other guy was way better for me. We're actually still together. I'm really happy with him.

-- Ryan, 25

7. Caleb went in search of greener pastures:

I started college, and I was still with my high school sweetheart. A few months in, I met this gorgeous brunette who just got me going in ways I never knew possible. She was so independent and cool. We started sleeping together. Then my girlfriend came to visit, and I straight up pretended my side chick didn't even exist. She was super mad at me, but we kept hooking up for a few months after that. I never broke up with my girl back home.

-- Caleb, 24

Just because someone is a total player right now, it doesn't mean they can't change. Just the fact that they can talk about it and recognize their actions says a lot about their ability to grow.

Keep an eye out, though, because we all know the world is full of players. Be careful who you trust and learn from these stories firsthand on what to look out for in case you think you might be getting played. You’re smarter than that!

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