Competing For Attention: Girlfriend Vs. Video Games

by Robert Anthony

Relationships, like anything else that we own that is long term in life needs maintenance and attention. So often do we all underestimate how much work we really have to put into a quality relationship these days, which is why we tend to unintentionally do things that are only counterintuitive to what is best for our romantic situations.

Today, a new battle has begun on the relationship home front. I first noticed this battle about two years ago in late September or early October. I was playing my newly purchased NBA Live 10, and the girl I was dating at the time said to me after walking into my room, “Oh my God, I hope you know that this is your last game.” I turned the game off after I finished that session and hung out with her the rest of the day.

I never thought twice about girls’ feelings towards video games when I was dating her but it’s safe to say that nowadays, the jealously that exists between girls and their boyfriends’ video games is really becoming an issue for guys who love to play.

Most are aware of the release of the highly coveted and anticipated NBA2K. For at least three weeks to a month before the game was put on shelves the battle began. First I saw it on Twitter; as people started to describe the details pertaining to the game’s new features. Then I noticed more and more tweets from females saying how much they hate 2K.

Why do they hate 2K? That’s simple, because they know when a game first comes out and their boyfriend is a gamer even at the smallest level; will not receive the type of attention they are accustomed to when he’s so enveloped in the new world that has just been opened up to him.

Girlfriends complain nonstop up to the day before the game comes out and the funny part is a lot of those same significant others who don’t like the loss of attention are often the ones making the purchase.

That’s right, the girls who complain for a month about how they hate a certain game and how they hate when their boyfriend tells them that he can’t do something because he is in the middle of a game are the same girlfriends that end up buying the game they despise.

Why would someone support or create their competition? Easy, the same way guys do stuff for their girlfriends to make them happy. Good girlfriends make the same sacrifices for us. At times we have to do things we don’t like to make others happy and that seems to be the case for these girlfriends that buy video game to make their boyfriends’ happy.

Relationships are about compromise and losing some of your man’s attention is something some girlfriends have to risk to ensure happiness in their relationship. But shouldn’t the compromise be working both ways with this video game situation?

Shouldn’t guys find a time to play the game when it wouldn’t interfere with the quality time that is needed to make their girlfriends’ happy?

Of course, it should definitely be a two way street. Gentlemen, in order to maintain proper stability with our girlfriends while still having plenty of time to enjoy the video games we love, we must follow these five guidelines.

First, as boyfriends the last thing we want to do is hear our girlfriends complain. That’s probably the worst part about being in a relationship and it absolutely drives us nuts. To avoid hearing constant grievances, we must only play when she is busy doing something or not around us. Secondly, we must make it clear to them that they don’t have to compete for our attention; no video game will ever rule our day to day operations like they do.

Third, never lie about playing when you are in fact playing. The last thing any girl wants is a liar and it says volumes if you lie about something as small as when you are playing a video game. What else would you lie about? Remember, communication is key.

Fourth, be open to going out to places so that you’re not in the house doing nothing with her and are therefore thinking about playing because she is being annoying or watching shows you can’t stand.

Be active, remind yourself why you chose to have a girlfriend in the first place. Lastly, invite her to play sometimes. Most girls think that video games are mindless and the only way to show them why you enjoy them is to get them to see the light. Hey, you never know, you might have just found your new Call of Duty partner.

Andrew Alvez | Elite.