This Is The Best Way To Tell If Your Partner Is Comfortable Around You

by Caitlyn Martin

Entering into a new relationship always has its routine quirks. No matter who is involved in the relationship, everyone goes through the awkward, sometimes revealing, steps of opening up to another person. The first date, the first stay over, the first time meeting the parents or the first fart. Yes, the first fart can sometimes be more mortifying than meeting the parents.

Passing gas, letting it rip, passing wind, letting it slip, it's a fart. I do realize writing this that, for some, the simple word fart makes them cringe. But for me, it's a word my mom told me not to say in public, yet here I am writing an article about it.

Farting is the subject that is never spoken of until it actually happens. It is undoubtedly a moment every new relationship stumbles upon, but is it true that he or she that farts first cares more?

Sometimes it takes months, years or maybe only a couple of weeks until that dreamy, attractive date of yours lets it rip. Women like the world to believe they never fart, or when they do it is straight flowers and sparkles ... I am calling bullsh*t (and this is coming from a female).

Men, on the other hand, are usually extremely proud of that master, cheeseburger-filled fart they just let loose, but until they are comfortable enough with you, they will struggle until they drop you off then let it loose in the car the entire way home.

Come on, we all know it happens. Whether you are a female or a male, we all hide every fart we have until that crucial moment when we feel comfortable enough with our new love interest. It's a point in which we're comfortable enough to no longer care because we, in fact, just care so much.

With every first fart comes the immediate moment of silence and frightened look, followed by either a mortifying blush or hilarious laugh. What does it mean to be the first one to let it rip? It is true that the person cares more?

Most of the time it happens when you are so completely caught up in just being with the other person, all of your other senses are no longer under control. You no longer feel the need to constantly act like you are the perfect human being who never burps, farts or does anything else remotely unattractive.

Whether it's the laughing accidental fart, the serious conversation turned into laughs fart or the "I think the other person is asleep" fart, we have all been there, done that, wrote the book (read "article").

Looking back on past relationships, I can admit I have laughed probably every single time a guy has farted in front of me for the first time. Maybe I'm immature, or maybe I'm not the type of female who gets grossed out by every little thing. Nonetheless, it is a moment when a wall is finally broken down, and you know for sure that the other person feels so comfortable around you. And what's better than feeling 100 percent comfortable around the person you like?

Being the first one to fart in the relationship is like announcing, "Hey! I f*cking like you. A lot. Here is my fart to prove how comfortable you make me feel."

Every first fart it is like every first kiss. You're awaiting the approval (or disapproval) of the other person. So, can be it said that the person who makes the first move (or in this case, first fart) cares more? Like I said, being the first one to fart in the relationship is basically a symphony of sounds that say, "I f*cking like you."