7 Perfect Gifts For Your GF You Can Order Without Leaving Your House

Any men in relationships reading this probably aren't looking forward to Christmas shopping for their girlfriend.

I know it's not because you don't want to get her something special. You do. You just hate shopping.

You hate malls, crowds, lines, loud talkers and slow walkers. You hate everything about the whole holiday shopping experience.

Thankfully, I'm here to help because I want your girlfriend to be happy and because the dog house gets cold in the winter time.

Believe it or not, there are gifts that let you to avoid the mall — gifts that don't require going shopping.

Here are seven perfect Christmas gifts for her that don't involve you going shopping:

1. A customized bracelet or necklace from Stella & Dot

Customized and engraved jewelry allows you to get creative and show how thoughtful you are without lining up at a store.

Stella & Dot has beautiful, customizable necklaces in gold, silver or rose gold. You can customize the engraving, and the personalized touch turns a regular accessory into a sentimental piece of jewelry.

Their user-friendly online store is perfect for the guy who hates shopping. You'll get to choose your personalized message, your font and your jewelry item, and then, your one-of-a-kind gift will be shipped to you quickly.

Best of all, the gift arrives in beautiful packaging, so you don't even need to wrap it.

Not sure what to engrave? If you choose a bracelet, something like “you're beautiful” or “I love you” is adorable. If you went with a necklace pendant that requires a shorter message, simply getting your anniversary date or both of your initials engraved is perfect.

2. A weekend away with you

A preplanned and prepaid weekend trip is a fantastic gift she'll love.

Planning a weekend getaway may require a couple of phone calls to hotels and restaurants, but you won't need to step foot inside one of those busy malls.

Maybe there's a romantic ski lodge near your city or a beautiful winery, or maybe you can plan a road trip to a hot spring.

Whatever you choose, make sure it's a surprise. Sometimes, the best Christmas gifts come in the form of experiences.

3. An engraved key necklace from The Giving Keys

When it comes to unique jewelry for her, The Giving Keys has also got you covered.

Not only can you customize and engrave your key, but no two keys are alike.

Think of it as a key to your heart, and get her an engraved key necklace in rose gold, yellow gold, black rhodium or sterling silver.

Engrave it with both of your initials, the date you met or simply the word “love.” It'll arrive in cute packaging, and you'll be all set for your holiday gift exchange.

4. A spa day

Gifting her a spa day is like reading her mind. Women love going to the spa, but it's one of those things we feel guilty about treating ourselves to, which is why it's the perfect gift.

All you have to do is call a spa near you, book a date for her and give the receptionist your credit card number to hold your reservation. You don't even need to go shopping, yet you end up with an incredibly thoughtful gift.

5. A stylish women's watch

Women's watches are becoming trendier and trendier. Cluse Watches for women has an amazing selection of stylish watches. No matter what your girlfriend's style is like, Cluse will have something for her.

For example, if your girlfriend wears a lot of denim, you can go for a fashionable denim watch to match.

All you have to do is order online, and you can even opt for express shipping. Win-win.

6. Fashionable headband headphones

She loves headbands, and she needs headphones. If you get her this super cool pair of headband headphones from ASOS, you'll show her how creative and cool you are.

This rose gold, spiked headband is also a great pair of headphones for when she needs to zone out, get in her groove and still look on point.

Everyone will ask her where she got them, and she'll get to say, “My boyfriend got it for me.” You're welcome.

7. Unicorn earrings

Your girlfriend is a unicorn, right? I mean, you don't think there's anyone else like her, do you? So why not get here these adorable unicorn earrings from Lana Betty which you can order online. No muss, no fuss. Just unicorns and love.

It's much more meaningful to get something a little different like these since it's not something you see every day. Plus, it's also a subtle way of telling her how special you think she is.