10 Reasons Choosing The Funny Guy Will Give You A Lasting Relationship

by Brianna Chavira

I guarantee you there have been a few moments in your life when you've been feeling more than one person, and so you made that awful pros and cons list to compare the two. Sorry, guys, but women do this all the time.

We get lunch with friends, and they help us make this list to try to decide who we think is more worthy of our time and attention. There's no denying that physical attraction is important, but after some time passes and his looks start to fade, you're left with a hot guy with an extremely dry personality. Then, you might start to wonder how you ended up with this guy in the first place.

Is dating a guy with model-like good looks really that important? In my opinion, the answer is always absolutely not. I would much rather have a goofy-looking, adorable boyfriend who can make me laugh at any second than be with someone who is as dry as the paint on the wall.

Being a sarcastic and pretty witty person myself, I could never date someone who couldn't keep up with me on a humor level. If you're going to date me, you're going to have to be able to take a joke because I am sassy AF.

So, when you're compiling your list of pros and cons and trying to make a decision between the hot guy and the funny guy, choose the funny one. He will make you smile and laugh more, and ultimately, he will make you happier.

He will always keep you guessing, and the chemistry will never die. Here are 10 reasons the funny guy always trumps the hot guy:

1. He will make you laugh.

If he's funny, he will definitely always be able to make you laugh. He's going to pride himself on being able to make you howl in fits of laughter, and he'll be there for you when you need a good laugh. When you're not having a good day, he will be right there to deliver that hilarious inside joke and and return you to your normally chipper spirits.

2. He will surprise you.

A funny guy will always keep you guessing. You never know what he's going to say, and you will always be surprised by his humor. He will never be mundane, and he will provide a constant roller coaster of good times.

3. He won't get upset if you make fun of him.

Being that he's a jokester himself, he isn't going to be offended when you make fun of him. You don't really think his ears resemble Dumbo, but he will take the insult like a champ. Being able to make fun of one another is a great thing to have in a relationship.

4. He will understand your humor.

A boring guy is not going to get your jokes. But, the funny guy will understand them the second they leave your mouth, and he will be able to fire back at you without missing a beat. He's going to get back at you better than you'll even understand because he's built on sarcasm, too.

5. He will watch "SNL" with you.

He loves comedy as much as you do, and he will probably be more than happy to snuggle up with you on Saturday nights to watch the cast of "SNL" slay every skit.

His comedic heroes probably align with yours, and there will be no fighting over the TV. The two of you can laugh together at the hilarious sketches each week.

6. He will be able to laugh at himself.

He will not only be able to take a joke, but he can also make fun of himself and take it in stride. Any person who can make fun of him- or herself and laugh it off is worth keeping around.

7. He will make fun of you.

You should know that he will be making fun of you all the time as well. You aren't the only funny one in the relationship, so get ready to be rolling on the floor laughing every time he opens his mouth.

8. He will teach you humility.

Not only can he laugh at himself, but he will also teach you how to be able to do the same. He will make it feel OK to be silly with one another. You two can be complete weirdos together.

9. He will make you happy.

The bottom line is, the funny guy is going to make you happy. If you are constantly laughing and smiling, how could you not be happy?

He will make you know what love is, and he will be there for you no matter what. He will make you feel like you finally have somebody you can be your complete self around, and that is something you should treasure.

10. You will never get bored.

There will never be a dull moment with this guy, and he will keep your life entertaining and exciting. With the funny guy, bored is a feeling you could never possibly know. He knows how to have a good time and will always have fresh and exciting adventures for the two of you to embark on.

So, if you ever find yourself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to deciding between the two men, ask yourself, "Who makes me laugh and smile more?" Just because a guy has killer good looks doesn't mean he is interesting or will be able to give you the intellectual stimulation you need.

Remember funny people are typically pretty damn smart, too. So, just think how much more exciting of a relationship you could have with that person. This is why I will always choose the funny guy over the hot guy.

Join me in choosing personality over appearance. After all, what's on the inside really is what counts.