47 Real, Crucial Differences Between Childish And Adult Relationships

by Ashley Fern

Relationships are an integral part of life, growing up and maturing.

Whether they are friendships or relationships, personal interactions have a direct effect on your attitude and views.

No two relationships will ever be the same. In fact, every relationship you have will be quite different from one another; this reason alone is really what makes them valuable lessons and experiences.

Sure, maybe it didn't work out with one person, but honestly, who cares? That person taught you a valuable lesson you can — and will — take with you into your next relationship.

These instances will only shape your future experiences and make them that much better.

A sh*tty relationship may feel like a complete waste of time, but if you look at what you can learn from it, it really becomes beneficial.

How else are you supposed to know what you truly want, what really makes you happy if you haven’t suffered through some bullsh*t beforehand?

Unfortunately, sh*tty relationships typically plague our youth, forcing our hormonally crazed selves to figure out what the f*ck is going on.

Sadly, we don't really seem to know what's going on until we've hit a breaking point, and it's too late. It's probably because of this reason we tend to be more cautious heading into adulthood.

We aren't as quick to give our hearts away, and we aren't as rash to jump into a relationship just for the sake of being in one. We value ourselves and our time and know that anything worth having is worth waiting for.

So what is it that really separates a childish relationship from an adult relationship?

1. Childish relationships are about attention; adult relationships are about intention.

2. Childish relationships pick fights; adult relationships grow from them.

3. Childish relationships are about “me”; adult relationships are about “us.”

4. Childish relationships take place over text messages; adult relationships take place over dinner.

5. Childish relationships are all fluff; adult relationships fill you up.

6. Childish relationships concern themselves with games; adult relationships don't have time for them.

7. Childish relationships fight about nothing; adult relationships have something to fight for.

8. Childish relationships are about what looks good; adult relationships are about what feels good.

9. Childish relationships eat at your soul; adult relationships feed your soul.Childish relationships are fluff, adult ones fill you up.

10. Childish relationships are cheap shots at the bar; adult relationships are a bottle of wine at home.

11. Childish relationships move too fast; adult relationships make you want to savor and slow down.

12. Childish relationships are "I need you"; adult relationships are "I want you."

13. Childish relationships say "I love you" to stop fights; adult relationships say "I love you" because they see a future.

14. Childish relationships are about gifts; adult relationships are about hitting milestones.

15. Childish relationships create insecurities; adult relationships relieve them.

16. Childish relationships are a distraction; adult relationships are a motivation.

17. Childish relationships are about jealousy; adult relationships are about trust.

18. Childish relationships are all about sex; adult relationships are all about intimacy.

19. Childish relationships are all about other people's opinion; adult relationships are about your opinion.

20. Childish relationships are surface level; adult relationships break the surface.

21. Childish relationships are nitpicking; adult relationships are picking out an apartment together.

22. Childish relationships focus on the negative; adult relationships look for the positive.

23. Childish relationships are all about keeping score; adult relationships don't keep tabs.

24. Childish relationships are displayed on Facebook; adult relationships shy away from social media.

25. Childish relationships make you feel weak; adult relationships empower you.

26. Childish relationships are about the moment; adult relationships are about the future.

27. Childish relationships make you question yourself; adult relationships build up your confidence.

28. Childish relationships are all about image; adult relationships are not concerned with appearances.

29. Childish relationships are about what other people want; adult relationships are about what you want.

30. Childish relationships break up to make up; adult relationships are in it for the long haul.

31. Childish relationships make you cry; adult relationships give you something to cry for.

32. Childish relationships look for something better; adult relationships know that this is it.

33. Childish relationships make you question yourself; adult relationships answer all of your questions.

34. Childish relationships are all about the chase; adult relationships are all about the catch.

35. Childish relationships are for personal pride; adult relationships make you proud of someone else.

36. Childish relationships are cringing at all those awkward moments; adult relationships are growing from them.

37. Childish relationships are all about going out; adult relationships are about learning to stay in.

38. Childish relationship are about whining; adult relationships are about wine.

39. Childish relationships are on Instagram; adult relationships have him meeting gram.

40. Childish relationships force labels; adult relationships live and flourish without them.

41. Childish relationships need someone to feel complete; adult relationships need two complete people.

42. Childish relationships try new things; adult relationships perfect them.

43. Childish relationships want to be seen; adult relationships need to be heard.

44. Childish relationships are for personal gain; adult relationships learn from loss.

45. Childish relationships follow timelines; adult relationships read between them.

46. Childish relationships are full of secrets; adult relationships only speak the truth.

47. Childish relationships need validation; adult relationships don’t need to prove themselves.

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