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Cazzie David, now dating Miller McCormick, Mac Miller's brother.

Cazzie David Is Dating Mac Miller's Brother — Here's Why That's So Wild

They have a weird connection in common.

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In a twist no one saw coming, Cazzie David — writer, actor, daughter of comedic genius Larry David — is reportedly dating the late rapper Mac Miller’s brother, Miller McCormick. It’s among the wildest things I’ve ever heard in 2021 (which is, you know, saying a lot). How come? Because David used to date Pete Davidson right up until he met (and swiftly proposed to) Ariana Grande, who used to date the late musician. In other words, Cazzie is now dating her ex’s ex’s brother. And I, for one, am fascinated by this development.

Despite rumors that she was dating John Mayer, she’s reportedly been in a relationship with McCormick (a graphic designer) for more than a year, as sources shared with Page Six. “They’ve been together for a while now,” the source said. “It’s been over a year of them dating, possibly closer to two.”

Perhaps even more surprising: The two apparently live together in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — McCormick’s hometown. Page Six reported they bought their four-bedroom home in February 2021, with neighbors describing the couple as “nice kids” who “keep to themselves.”

How, and when exactly, the two first connected remains unclear, but Us Weekly reported in 2019 that David “leaned on” Mac Miller (whose real name is Malcolm McCormick) when their exes — Davidson and Grande — got together back in 2019.

“Cazzie and Mac never met, but started speaking because of Ariana and Pete’s relationship,” a source said at the time. And when Miller devastatingly died that September, David is said to have reached out to his mother, Karen Meyers, to offer her condolences and support.

Cazzie and Karen think very highly of each other,” a source shared with E! News that fall. “Through their chats, the two have discovered they have much more in common than just Mac, Ariana and Pete. Karen thinks Cazzie is an intelligent and sweet person.”

And it seems her bond with the family has only tightened. “Mac’s family loves Cazzie,” a source told Page Six. “Really, it’s no surprise she ended up with his brother. She’s a beautiful beacon in what has been an intensely tough period of navigation.”

If you feel like you’re playing a game of six degrees of separation, you’re not alone. But it sounds like these two have a special connection, and my goodness, we’re wishing them all the best.