What It Feels Like To Unexpectedly Catch Feelings For A Summer Fling

by Anonymous

What happens when you meet someone, but you know you only have a few weeks (or, at most, a few months) with them?

You're "just" having fun. You enjoy a few beers and a lot of laughs and make amazing memories. Life is good, until you start to panic after you realize you have to eventually say goodbye to them.

The sadness you feel when you think about summer ending isn't because you have to go back to school or back home from a great vacation. You're sad because you know you may never see them again.

Of course, you deny it. You deny it to yourself and to your friends. You claim you aren't attached. You say it's "just a summer fling." But, what do you do? You continue to let yourself fall even harder.

You start to want to see them more and more before you know they'll leave. You often wonder if they feel the same way. You start to think that maybe, just maybe, it'll work out once summer ends. He's the Danny to your Sandy, and the song "Summer Nights" feels like it was written just for you.

Suddenly, the weeks you had are now down to days. You start to wonder what you're going to say on the last day. Then, you start to panic.

"Will this be the last time I ever see him? Will he come to visit? Will he ask me to visit him? Will I ever hear from him again?"

All of these thoughts start to pile up. You can't escape them. Hanging out with them is suddenly less fun because all you can think about is that this may be someone else in a few weeks.

You wonder if you should say something. Is this something real, or is it just a summer fling? It can't be just a summer fling though, right? The connection between the two of you is something so powerful, it has to be meant to be.

You're suddenly in too deep. You have feelings, and there's no point in denying it now. You're going to be upset. Your goodbye is going to be so heart-rending that you will think you'll never find someone else like them again.

There will be tears, and you'll wonder if you seem pathetic for thinking that something was ever going to come out of it. You will think you seem crazy for thinking there was something between the two of you.

But, you did have something. You have those memories. You met a great person whom you just happened to catch feelings for.

Is it the end of the world? No. It will take some time to get over it. Keith Urban's "Wasted Time" will be on repeat for weeks to come.

A few months down the road, you'll hear from them. You've shared such amazing memories that it's impossible to never speak to them again. You'll still wonder what could have been. You still think maybe, just maybe, it could work out one day. But the truth is, you need to move on.

As hard as it may be and as difficult as it is, moving on will be the best thing you could ever do for yourself, especially if they've suddenly disappeared just like summer. You now know what it's like to have fallen for someone you met at the wrong time.

You'll always have those memories, and you'll remember that summer for years to come. They came into your life for a reason (well, a season).

Who knows? Maybe you'll have a friend for life. Or maybe, it will end up working out for you.

But if you don't last past summer, the world isn't going to end. You'll survive.