5 Reasons You Can't Abandon Your Friends When You Are In A Serious Relationship

by Erica Mariera

So, you've been bit by the love bug.

All you want to do is spend every waking minute with your other half. You meet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Texting becomes a 24-hour marathon. Just about everything your SO says is pure and utter genius.

As your lives blend together, it can become harder to make time for anything else. Even bathroom breaks can become a nuisance.

While there's nothing wrong with being in love and basking in the intoxication of your relationship, it's a mistake to completely cut your friends out of your life.

We need well-rounded lives with all of the elements that contribute to happiness — not just one. That means it's important to have family, friends, hobbies, dreams and goals, in addition to your healthy relationship.

Here's why it's important to maintain a social life in the midst of your dating life:

1. You need balance.

Focusing just on your relationship can do more harm than good.

If you're in each other's faces all the time, one of you will eventually need space.

You will find that all of the things that were cute and unique about your love bug are actually aggravating. All of a sudden, you will be annoyed with the way that he or she chews or how he or she can't make a decision when ordering food.

But if you head out with your friends every so often, you will create breathing room. This time apart will ease the pressure of being together so much. The chances of arguing over irrelevant things will lessen, as will the tension.

Too much time with bae is also like watching the same show every day on TV. It will eventually become boring (unless it's "Sex and the City").

Balancing your schedule between meeting with friends, family and spending time with your SO will give you the variety you need.

2. Friendships are as important as relationships.

While finding true love is a life goal most people strive for, the value of friendship does not pale in comparison. Friendships are just as important — even if you can't tell your BFF you're going to put a ring on it.

Do you even realize how hard it is to find a true friend? Friends are people that you can be your truest self with. Not that you can't be your complete self with bae, it's just a completely different dynamic.

If your bond is strong enough, some friendships can last decades. I have childhood friends whom I have been close for over 20 years.

3. Sometimes you need to miss the one you're with.

There is a thing as being too comfortable, and it's almost always followed by a sleigh ride right into boring.

Going out with friends for a few hours (or a whole day) will not only leave you filled with the giddiness that comes from laughing and bonding with your pals, but it can also spark some life into your relationship.

Time apart will make you miss your SO and bring a renewed sense of desire. You might even find yourself running home for some action.

4. You need counseling.

Your loved one may be the one you turn to for everything, but sometimes you're going to want to babble with your friends.

Friendships are worth their weight in gold just for the gossip and vent sessions alone. Everyone needs an outlet.

5. Your friendships will be around, even if your relationship isn't.

Lastly, and most importantly, not all relationships last forever.

You may end up having to give your SO the boot, but your friends are life-long companions. They will be there through it all.

They will continue to support, love, and embrace you — even after you find the one.