Women Reveal Why Calling Off Their Wedding At The Last Minute Was The Best Decision

We always hear about people getting “cold feet” at their wedding, but nobody ever talks about when someone actually gives in to that feeling that something isn't right.

Think about it: You invited hundreds of family members and friends to celebrate a night you spent tons of time and money planning, just to call it all off right before the big day is supposed to happen.

If you're wondering why someone would decide last minute that not getting married was the right thing to do, here are six women revealing why calling off their wedding was the best decision ever:

1. I wasn't feeling it.

When my ex proposed to me, my first reaction was to say no. But I said yes, of course, and I cried tears that everyone thought were happy tears, but in my mind, they were sad tears. I felt bad marrying this person because I wasn't feeling our relationship anymore. I was growing apart from him, and a month before the wedding, I finally mustered up the courage to let him know it was over. He was so shocked.

— Tami W., 29

2. I knew we'd get divorced.

I had dated a lot of guys in the past, but my most recent ex proposed to me, and I said yes. He and I fought so much and so badly. We wouldn't speak for days, and our fights were always over such stupid things. I just knew we would get divorced because our relationship was so unhealthy. Two months after he proposed, I saw a therapist who helped guide me on how to end the relationship before we got too far into wedding planning.

— Fran C., 34

3. I met somebody better.

Two years into dating and five months after getting proposed to, I fell in love with someone else who I worked with. We started a secret relationship, and three months before my wedding, the other guy asked me to call the whole thing off and be with him. He was better than my ex, so I did. Fast forward two more years, and he and I are now happily married. I'm glad this all happened the way it did, though at the time, it was an ugly mess.

— Adrienne J., 32

4. I got revenge on the mother of the groom.

My relationship with my fiancé went downhill when his mother started to hijack our wedding and plan it all herself. That's when we started fighting a lot more, and he always took her side. It honestly ruined our relationship, and I couldn't stand being with someone who didn't have my back. Since his mother planned our wedding and paid for it, I decided to call it off the day after everything would no longer be refundable. She ended up losing $50,000 on a wedding that didn't happen, and he ended up losing me.

— Kendra S., 26

5. I found out he was cheating.

About four months before my wedding, things didn't feel right. My fiancé was always making plans with his friends on the weekend and doing things that weren't like him at all. We also started fighting more about, like, nothing important. I decided to call off the wedding and spend more time working on our relationship. I asked that we just push the date back, so we did. During the time we were working on our relationship, I found out through one of his friends that he was secretly cheating on me. I'm so glad I learned this before we got married.

— Kelly G., 31

6. There was a hurricane.

We called off our wedding three months into wedding planning because we honestly started to see that we couldn't afford a big wedding, and we didn't want to spend every penny we had. We decided to elope on our original wedding date instead. And on that date, there was a hurricane. Basically everything was closed, and no planes could fly. We were so happy we didn't spend so much money on a wedding nobody would have been able to come to.

— Sarah D., 31