Why You Shouldn't Feel Weird About Buying Lingerie For A Hook-Up Buddy

by Lauren F.
Danil Nevsky

Whenever I tell my girlfriends I'm ready to put on lingerie for a new guy I've been hooking up with, they always give me judgmental looks. They say, "Isn't it too soon? He isn't even your boyfriend."

Define "too soon," though. After two hookups? Yes, maybe that is too soon. But if you've been hooking up for longer than that, what's the harm?

Just because we aren't dating, who says I don't have the right to dress up and look sexy for my new hook-up buddy? I've only worn lingerie two times in my life.

The first time was with a guy I was hooking up with who eventually became my boyfriend. The other was just a summer fling.

I won't lie; I was nervous at first. I was skeptical that these guys would think I wanted to tie them down because lingerie was some girlfriend sh*t. But, I said, "screw it" and went through with it.

Needless to say, both times I wore lingerie in front of them, their eyes dropped. I basically was a drug to them. They wanted more.

So, here's the conclusion I came up with: There is no such thing as saving lingerie for that special someone. Even if he isn't your boyfriend, who says you can't dress up for a hook-up buddy? I say you can.

It's all about being creative.

Let's be real: Sex sells. It's been selling for years, and it's only progressing.

We've all had our vivid sexual fantasies. Whether it's having a threesome with two strangers, getting blindfolded and handcuffed to the bed post or screwing our hot co-worker in the copy room, we have all fantasized about one of those scenarios. (Well, at least I have.)

Sometimes, you just have to get out of your comfort zone. Be bold, and be the dominant one.

Do something you wouldn't typically do behind closed doors. For example, I like just dressing up in lingerie outfits or being completely naked under my peacoat right when I'm about to knock on my hook-up buddy's door. So, whatever imagination you have, use it.

Put it to the test and go for it. Let your creativity wander. Like my favorite saying goes, "Only the boring get bored."

Expect the unexpected.

This is my favorite rule because it's challenging. Whether you're trying to pursue your hook-up buddy so that your relationship can turn out to be more serious, or you have no emotional commitments at all, you're probably afraid the relationship is going to get stale and you'll both want to go after other people.

So, you want to keep the interest level at an all-time high. I solely believe in playing hard to get.

We all want what we can't have. We all want a good challenge. So, if he's already had a taste of you, you need to take him by surprise the next time around.

When he asks you over to his place for a lazy night in to watch movies, we both know that movie isn't going to happen. So, are you really just going to go over there in your leggings and t-shirt to have sex and call it a night? Boring.

No, I want you to use that imagination. Try to be the dominant one. I want you to buy the sexiest outfit there is and knock him off his feet. It will make you feel amazing, and it will leave him with an unforgettable experience.

Don't just be a regular hook-up buddy. Be the best f*cking hook-up buddy ever.