These Are The Brutally Honest Reasons Guys Left Their Brides At The Altar


No matter how much thought and planning a person puts into his or her wedding day, one thing someone can't possibly predict is the chance of being left at the altar.

Some brides and grooms find themselves dealing with a case of cold feet weeks and even months in advance, calling off the wedding before their guests fly in from all over the world to be there and celebrate.

But some wait until crunch time. Some wait until all the guests have arrived and are seated to suddenly feel like what they're about to do isn't right.

If you're wondering what makes a person decide to become a runaway groom, read on to hear why these nine grooms left their brides at the altar on their wedding days.

1. She Wasn't It

— Clyde, 32

2. I Was Seeing Another Woman

— Bruce, 29

3. Her Dad Talked Me Out Of It

— Gregg, 30

4. I Wasn't Ready To Be Wifed Up

— Rob, 24

5. We Got Into A Heated Fight

— Trevor, 28

6. I Was Just Stuck In Traffic

— Paul, 31

7. Money Was The Main Problem

— Chris, 29

8. Our Families Didn't Blend

— Anthony, 29

9. I Didn't Have A Reason

— Rick, 27