9 People Reveal The Brutal Ways Their Exes Dumped Them In Person

by Candice Jalili
True Jack Productions

The "adult" way to dump someone is to do it in person.

I mean, getting dumped is obviously always going to suck, but making an effort to dump someone face-to-face shows a certain level of respect toward your soon-to-be ex.

That is, unless you're one of these nine people who were broken up with — in person — in some of the most savage of ways:

She dumped him the day after taking his virginity.

Dated for a year. Took my virginity. Broke up with me the next day. Guess I wasn't good at sex.

— Giraffelle

He dumped her while they were still naked in bed.

I had been hooking up with a guy for about a year. We never said we were exclusive, but we spent a lot of time together and were pretty much only having sex with each other. I took him as my date to a formal work event, and he slept at my place afterward. He ended things with me the next morning, right after we had sex. I was still in bed, and I was still naked. Talk about vulnerable.

— Maggie*, 25

She got dumped on New Year's Day.

New Year's Day. About 3 in the morning. Was with my then fella. We'd not long finished partying (I'd travelled about four hours to see him) and he took me into a quiet room and broke up with me. Can't say I expected it. Oh well.

— AdmiralRiffRaff

She smiled as she told him she never loved him.

Was with a girl for ten years. Out of nowhere one day she picks a fight with me over nothing, screaming at me and trying to get me to yell back but I wouldn't. She says she's staying at a friends house if I'm going to act that way. I told her fine but if you leave you're not coming back. A switch flipped like that's exactly what she was waiting for, packs all her stuff and starts leaving. At this point I'm freaking out and asking why she's throwing away ten years of our lives. She just smiles and said she doesn't love me, I ask since when she says she never had. I tell her she's destroying me, I love her very deeply and need her, again just a smile before she says I know that's why I'm leaving. Got in her car blocked my number and drove off, never to speak to me again. I hear from friends later that she's telling people I was emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive, also I cheated on her. None of that was true not sure why she said it. That was a year and a half ago and I still feel completely broken by it.

— cvb457

She woke him up in the middle of the night to dump him.

My ex-fiancee woke me up to dump me. Then she totally disappeared from our friend group and ran off with some other guy.

— dizzyelk

She dumped him after seeing him naked.

We were seeing each other for a few months and real dating for a few weeks, when we decided to take things to a next level. I took my shirt off and showed her my urostomy. Perhaps not the best way to bring that news. She pointed at it, said "eeeeuuww" and left. Pretty devastating for a 18 year old.

— comicsnerd

She went out of her way to show him she chose someone else.

Oh finally I can answer one of those ! In my second year of college I was sorta seeing this girl. We had hooked up a few times, had sex once, but I wasn't really really into her. She felt that, and one day she had a conversation with me telling me that she wanted me to be more involved in the relationship. Her dorm neighbor was hitting on her, and if I didn't want to lose her I needed to be more involved. So I tried to be, and it went apparently fine. A few weeks later she invited me to her place on a sunday night and told me she was making me tartiflette, a very nice dish which I love. I arrive at her place, and the tartiflette is disgusting. But she's dressed super sexy, and keeps flirting with me during the meal. After the meal we sit down on the couch, begin to talk and we come closer and closer. At one point she tells me "Hey, do you remember I told you about my neighbor who was hitting on me, and I couldn't choose between you and him?". With a smile, I said yes and began leaning in to her. She told me "Yeah, and I chose him". I was completely flabbergasted, I left after 5 minutes and went home by walking. To this day, I still don't know why she did all that.

— organichewn

She ran over to the guy she was cheating with.

After dumping me she immediately ram over and kissed the dude she cheating on me with. She looked as happy as happy could be.

— Cornelius4129

She dumped him with a cookie.

Once my girlfriend at the time gave me a cookie in the school cafeteria and just left. On the wrapper it said "I don't like you anymore." It was a good cookie though

— alexv243

Honestly, the cookie one doesn't sound that bad to me...