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People Reveal The Brutal Ways Their SOs Dumped Them


The "adult" way to dump someone is to do it in person.

I mean, getting dumped is obviously always going to suck, but making an effort to dump someone face-to-face shows a certain level of respect toward your soon-to-be ex.

That is, unless you're one of these nine people who were broken up with — in person — in some of the most savage of ways:

She dumped him the day after taking his virginity.

— Giraffelle

He dumped her while they were still naked in bed.

— Maggie*, 25

She got dumped on New Year's Day.

— AdmiralRiffRaff

She smiled as she told him she never loved him.

— cvb457

She woke him up in the middle of the night to dump him.

— dizzyelk

She dumped him after seeing him naked.

— comicsnerd

She went out of her way to show him she chose someone else.

— organichewn

She ran over to the guy she was cheating with.

— Cornelius4129

She dumped him with a cookie.

— alexv243

Honestly, the cookie one doesn't sound that bad to me...