9 Bridesmaids Admit The One Thing They Hid From The Bride On Her Wedding Day

Brides-to-be find themselves with a crystal clear mindset that their wedding will be one of the most perfect and magical days of their lives. But they are very, very wrong.

No matter how detail-oriented you are or how many people you hire to help you out, things will go wrong on your wedding day. Some of those things will be minor, like the florist showing up 15 minutes late or one of your bridesmaids forgetting to iron her dress before showing up to the bridal suite.

But some of those problems will be major. The groom is nowhere to be found. One of your bridesmaids is too hungover to walk down the aisle. None of your guests have shown up because of an accident on the highway.

You may be front and center of these challenges or you may have no idea what's going on because your bridesmaids are taking care of it. Just take a look at what these bridesmaids admit happened at weddings where the bride had no idea what was happening.

1. My head was in the toilet.

I drank a little too much at the rehearsal dinner open bar, so I spent the majority of the wedding day morning puking and hungover. I didn't want the bride to know so I avoided her as much as possible. When it was time for group photos, I stood far away from her so she wouldn't smell me. I smelt like alcohol from the night before. I also asked for heavy makeup from the makeup artist to cover the bags under my eyes. I was a mess but she had no idea.

-- Brenda D., 32

2. I lost my bridesmaid dress.

I was the worst bridesmaid ever. I couldn't find my bridesmaid dress. The bride kept telling us to get in our dresses and I kept changing the subject or stalling. I sent my boyfriend to look for it. He searched the car, drove home to look for it and finally asked the hotel staff, who eventually found it sitting on a couch in the lobby.

-- Ashley H., 25

3. I broke the bride's earrings.

The photographer asked me, the maid of honor, to give him some of the bride's accessories for pre-wedding photos. I picked up her shoes, her veil and her earrings, but when I went to grab her earrings, one of them broke apart. I was literally shaking with fear that the bride would excommunicate me from her wedding. I ran over to another bridesmaid who used eyelash glue to put the earring back together. The bride couldn't tell and I finally told her the day after. She laughed.

-- Vicky S., 26

4. The cake wasn't going to show up.

I had finished getting my hair and my makeup done so I was roaming around the venue to kill some time before the ceremony. I noticed the wedding planner practically in tears. It turns out the cake was never fully ordered. She begged me not to tell the bride. I think the wedding planner ran to a local bakery and picked up a cake that was similar to the one the bride picked out. It all worked out but the bride had no idea.

-- Wendy P., 24

5. The bride's uncle passed out.

There was no air conditioning in the church. For an August wedding, that's brutal. After everyone walked down the aisle, I noticed the bride's uncle, in the last row, passed out from heat. The bride didn't notice because nobody else in the wedding party saw. Another guest ended up bringing the uncle water and he was fine the rest of the ceremony. It was just weird being at the front of the church watching all of this go down.

-- Rachel D., 32

6. I ripped the bride's veil.

The bride put me in charge of steaming her dress and the bridesmaid dresses. I figured I'd be a good bridesmaid and also steam her veil. When I went to get it, I didn't realize it was stuck on the side of the door. I ended up ripping it on the end. There was beautiful lace detail so the bride didn't see and everyone else who noticed (her mom, the bridesmaids, the wedding planner) didn't tell her.

-- Jamie H., 27

7. We couldn't find the groom.

Right before the ceremony, one of the groomsmen who I went to college with, texted me that they couldn't find the groom. They were panicking. The bride didn't know and was getting ready in a very excited mood. I left the bridal suite and met up with him. We didn't find him up until 10 minutes before it was time to walk down the aisle. I don't know where he really was. I think maybe he had cold feet or he was drinking somewhere alone.

-- Brittany D., 29

8. The DJ was drinking too much.

I saw the DJ hit the open bar a little too hard. I don't think wedding vendors are supposed to drink at the wedding but he was. He was a bit sloppy and hitting on some of the guests. Luckily he had a few guys helping him out so they did the music while he turned into a wedding guest. There were 300 people there so I don't think the bride had a clue what was going on.

-- Lucy F., 29

9. A major fight broke out.

Two girls in the bathroom started yelling at each other and pulling each other's hair. I swear it was some intense stuff. Security came in and kicked them off the property. I had just walked in and saw the end of the fight. Turns out the bride had no idea until two weeks later. One of the girls was her cousin and the other was a guest's girlfriend.

-- Marissa F., 29