This Bridesmaid Was Told To Make A Silly Face And Damn It, That's Exactly What She Did

by Candice Jalili

When it comes to silly faces, I go to freaking town. Double chin? You know I have one. Nostrils flared? Those puppies are flared so far wide, they might burst open. Eyebrows furrowed? FURROWED TO IMPERFECTION. So, yeah, I'm pretty skilled at turning my face into a hideous work of anti-art. But a new viral post of a bridesmaid's silly face in a wedding photo puts all of my silly photo faces to shame.

According to photographer Justine Sidella, it was the hairstylist for the wedding, who was doing the bridesmaids' hair at the time, who reportedly asked the group to make a silly face, and thankfully, Sidella was there to capture the moment. In an interview with Elite Daily, Sidella recounts what happened: “The lady that did their hair asked to give her a pose with funny faces. So she was taking their picture with an iPhone, which is why they are looking off to the side in the direction they were looking. That's when I took a candid.” When asked about the photo, the bride, who has asked to remain anonymous, further clarifies to Elite Daily: “Justine [Sidella] was taking candids while we took photos for the hair dresser. Neither Justine nor the hair dresser asked us to make a silly face.” Elite Daily also reached out to the bridesmaid, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

So even though it looks like the bride and her bridesmaids were out for laughs, that's all reportedly due to the angle of the photo, since the bridesmaid says in her Reddit post that she was asked to make a silly face.

I mean, check this picture OUT.

Justine Sidella Photography

The bridesmaid posted the photo on Reddit herself under her username CatsTho:

Make a silly face they said. Well I did. from funny

Some were genuinely concerned about the state of her neck.

But don't worry, she obviously had the perfect response.

Some were concerned her face might stay that way forever.

And yet again, she had the PERFECT response.

Was she melting?!

Some people don't quite see the humor in it.

Some people were reminded of their favorite silly movie character.

Don't know him? Here he is.

This guy wants to make her his bride.

Overall, the people loved her.

Her friends? Not so much.

She might have even made a potential love connection.

As always, she had the perfect response.

No matter what happens, one thing is for sure: This chick is going to be a meme.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story stated that photographer asked the bride and her bridesmaids to make a funny face in this photo. We've since clarified and our story has been updated to reflect those changes.

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